Myra Antigone Carsotes

Chief Librarian of the illustrious Library of Lanaxidera


N female elf wizard


Myra Antigone is a finely-crafted elf with long white hair streaked with silver. She has piercing eyes of deep blue, which are slightly magnified by the half-rimmed spectacles she wears at the tip of her slender nose.

Antigone is believed to have descended from the line of Lanaxidera himself (Carsotes is her married name). Indeed, she inherited command of the famous house of knowledge from a long line of elf men, probably because her father died before he could legitimately conceive a son. For this reason she has needed to work twice as hard to uphold the library in order to be viewed as half as good as her male forefathers. She accomplished this, however, by not only maintaining the library but overseeing its largest expansion efforts since its construction, earning her the title of Myrmidon.

Myra Antigone is a fiery elitist, and largely refuses to deal with non-elves or non-scholars unless they can perform some task for her that she would otherwise deem too menial to warrant her valuable attention.

Myra Antigone Carsotes

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