Mists of the Past

The Gathering of Information (and Snake Skulls)

The party begins cautiously garnering a reputation in the Silex Heights

Foursday & Friday, 4th & 5th of Midsummer

The group started Foursday with a visit to Ricardo, as he leaves his home early in the morning. He explained that he is obsessed with the types of creatures that can be found down in the sewers, but that the watch will not allow him to explore them himself, considering him a liability. He informed the group of a large snake known as Venomtongue, and told them of where in the sewers it can be found. He asked them to go find the creature and bring back its head for his collection of trophies. Though Keela was reluctant to kill an animal without due cause, the group agrees to descend into the sewers once more, once their other interests were resolved.

Next, the group attempted to find out the nature of the magically-charged metal apparatus that they took off of the “fish” statue in the kobold lair. Keela and Senkara first went to Crispwillow‘s shop, where they were told that she would have to wait until that evening to do the necessary spells to determine what it was. They decided to give the device to Alyndra for when she went to her meeting with Myra Antigone – if they didn’t get answers, they could just take it back to Crispwillow later. However, Antigone saw through Alyndra’s disguise and was rather upset with her “time being wasted.” When Alyndra showed her the device, Antigone got very upset, demanding to know how she found the item, as it was very powerful. She then transported the device to the Collegium and left, leaving the group with no further leads.

Crispwillow also mentioned a bit of information about the Faith of the Weeping Father – it might be a small sect following what people believe to be the father of mankind – who favors elves and half-elves over other races, though he created all of them. The group also visited Imhistis, a student of history and the occult at the Collegium who works at the museum, to see if he had heard anything more. He had never heard of the weeping father, but told the group about his studies on the wreck of the West Wind, a ship that went down by the distant Eastwatch Lighthouse, possibly because the captain betrayed his employers who then wanted revenge by attacking the ship. The group was asked to visit the wreck and try to look for evidence of some occult doing that might have cause the ship to sink, and were warned of lizard people and possibly a sea drake in the area. He also agreed to look into what the statue from the kobold lair might be, and to look for magic supplies at Crispwillow’s shop.

The adventurers then went into the sewers to deal with Venomtongue. Keela, being the size of a decent mouthful for a giant snake, drank a potion of hide from animals and decided that instead of attacking, she would heal everyone else. The others attacked, resulting in quite a few snake bites that damaged Senkara and put Cedric out of commission due to poison damage. But Venomtongue was defeated, and brought back to Ricardo, who rewarded the group with a potion of neutralize poison and two elixirs of hiding.

Friday was spent with Keela healing Cedric in the Crafty Damsel while Senkara and Alyndra went to speak to those who might have answers to their questions. First, they disguised themselves as full-blooded elves and went back to the Aedis, where they talked to Beacon Patricio. He informed them that the Aedis is indeed running a hunt for witches, and that they had it in control, and that the Contego Populum was a new method. The Contego is being run by an elven witch-hunter named Crixus, who came back down from the north to help with the witching problem. However, Patricio had a bad view of adventurers, especially because the Contego contains his younger brother, Lumen Zaphkiel. He agreed to try and help the Temple of the Dawn with their monetary issues if the group got a high quality diamond for a raise dead spell, just in case he needed it for his brother. He also agreed to look into Crispwillow’s shop for magical supplies, giving her the three high-profile customers she needed.

While wandering the streets, the two half-elves overheard three elven maidens talking to a guard identified as Baldwin. They were talking about his son Dilwin’s bad leg, and how the father would provide – the weeping father. After asking Slade, they were informed that the Temple of the Dawn’s healers couldn’t fix his leg, and that Baldwin had a hard life.

After Keela finished helping Cedric detox from the poison, they went to steal the Renimatus plant from the druids in Oceanwatch Park in the Heights. All of them managed to sneak in that night other than Cedric, and got to the plant without issues. However, when entering to take the plant, the topiary behind it came to life to defend it. The three managed to defeat it with a few well-placed slices and an alchemists fire, and escaped with the plant. They delivered it to the druids at Court Park, who rewarded them with an ascomoid seed for Cedric.

The next morning, they went to the Bestiary to see if anyone knew what the fish statue was. They first met Tigris, who brushed them off and gave them no answers. They then found Irwin, who said it might be a form of mollusk. He then offered to give them work – if they came back that afternoon and passed his tests, they would get on-call work at the Bestiary as specialists.



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