Mists of the Past

Facing the Faceless Stalker

The party ties up its last loose end, only to discover several new ones

Mendsday, 3rd of Midsummer

The party awakens to a new day with adventuring licenses in hand! However, the extermination of the kobolds by no means ensures the safety of the citizens in the Flats. With this in mind, the party decides to turn their attention towards hunting down the faceless stalker they believe is lurking in the city, currently in the form of Zeg. The party asks Marisa if she’s noticed anything unusual about the “Zeg” that frequents her tavern. The half-elf hasn’t noticed much, but she does inform the party that he’s been asking a lot of questions about Slade. Worried that the head of the guard is the stalker’s next target, the party decides to try to hunt down where Zeg lives.

The heroes arrive at Ethan’s house, thinking he might know where his former party member might live. They are greeted by Ethan’s father, Gervais, who informs them that Ethan has stepped out for the day. The party notices that the man is holding some kind of pamphlet. Upon closer inspection, the party realizes it’s some kind of evangelical propaganda for some kind of faith called “The Weeping Father.” Ethan’s father seemed quite interested in the flyer, and said he had gotten it from a half-elf. The party has a dreadful hunch that the new religion might have something to do with the witching problem in the Heights and asks to borrow the pamphlet for the day so they can look into it.

With no leads on how to find Zeg before nightfall, the party decides to satiate their curiosity regarding the mysterious new religion, so they pay Lumen Nalia a visit. When they arrive to the temple they are surprised by the notable lack of Lumens on staff. Lumen Nalia explains that the head temple, the Silex Aedis has been funding the extermination of the witches in the Heights, which cuts the funding of the temple in the Flats. Concerned, the party tells Lumen Nalia that they’d see what they can do about restoring funds to her temple. They also ask her about the new religion that’s been cropping up, but she says she doesn’t know anything about it, but promises that if she hears anything she’ll let the party know.

At this point, they decide it would be efficient to split up. Cedric, Senkara and Keela headed toward the druid park to see if any of the druids had heard anything about the religion. They don’t learn anything about the Weeping Father from Vetna Cleanleaf, one of the human druids running the park. Instead, the rather bristly woman goes on a rant about how the elven druids are keeping a rare plant, the Brunsfelnia Renimatus, contained as a dainty exhibit in their “unnaturally” kept park. She implores that the party steal the plant from the elves so she and the other druids may allow the flower to grow “as nature intended.” Never wanting to pass up a chance to get the better of a bunch of bigoted elves, the three agree to the task and leave the park with a new task.

In the meantime, Alyndra makes her way through town disguised as a full-blooded elf. She goes to the Silex library, hoping to meet with Myra Antigone, the head librarian and graduate of the Collegium, to see if she knows anything about the Weeping Father or the bronze apparatus that they had found on the fish statue in the sewers. She finds out that Antigone doesn’t meet with anyone without an appointment, but Alyndra is able to chat up Antigone’s secretary and find out that there had been a series of strange events people believe are connected to the witching problem (such as oddly behaving animals, unexplained murders and instances of amnesia). Antigone’s secretary also suggests talking to one of the Collegium students, whose thesis centers around the occult. Happy to have been able to garner some useful information, Alyndra makes an appointment to meet with Antigone the following day and exits the library.

Cedric, Keela and Senkara return to the Flats and decide to split up for the remainder of the afternoon. Cedric talks to Heinrich to see if he’s heard of anything strange going on. Heinrich mentions that someone named Ricardo had reputably been asking about the sewers. He suggests that if the party is looking for work, they should try to track him down when he goes to the Crafty Damsel on Twosdays. Meanwhile, Keela checks in with Wayne to see how his refrigeration system is coming along. Wayne promises he’s close to a breakthrough, but that he needs more time to figure out what he needs. He tells her that he’ll track the party down when he requires their service again. In her free time, Senkara sneaks off to the coche to play with some of the children.

Before returning to the Flats, Alyndra decides to stop by the Aedis to further investigate the new religion. Unfortunately, as soon as she shows one of the elf Lumens the pamphlet, he throws it into a fire and refuses to say anything on the topic. Disgruntled, Alyndra leaves the Heights and meets up with the rest of the party.

Once everyone relays all the information they gained throughout the day, the group agrees to track down Ricardo’s tenement. They do so successfully, and plan to go there later to see what work the man might have for them. Once that’s done, they return to the Damsel to keep tabs on “Zeg.”

The once-consistently-surly-and-drunk Zeg is found happily drinking moderate amounts of mead in the tavern. The group tries to discretely keep an eye on him. Suddenly, one of the serving girls trips. In the distraction, only Senkara and Alyndra are able to spot that it was actually Zeg that tripped her before dashing out the door. The two half-elves immediately take off after him, while Keela and Cedric bring up the rear once they realize what happened. The faceless stalker leads the girls down an alleyway and suddenly appears behind them. Taking on its real form, the aberration attacks them. The two half-elves hold their own for a while before Cedric and Keela turn up just in time. Cedric takes the front of the formation and attacks the creature head on. However, the stalker uses its wide range of attack to its advantage and knocks the sailor out, after sucking a considerable amount of his blood with its three prehensile tongues. At this point, Keela starts screaming for help (seeing as activating a monitor crystal is not an option because there are none in the area). She tries to send Perin in to heal Cedric, but the bird is crushed almost instantly by the monster. Alyndra jumps in and heals Cedric, allowing him to roll out of the stalker’s range. At this point, the stalker turns and flees the scene. All three women take off in pursuit, peppering the creature with arrows. Around the corner, some guards show up and surround the stalker. Unfortunately, the stalker is able to take a majority of the guards out. The incident is enough, however, to let the party catch up to the monster and allow Senkara to land a final arrow in the back of its head, causing it to collapse dead on the ground.

After alerting Slade, the group rushes to Zeg’s flat. They find the real Zeg barely alive, reaching him just in time to save him from bleeding out, as the stalker had been keeping him alive to feed on his blood supply. After healing him, the party returns to the Damsel, able to rest easy after vanquishing one of the deadlier threats lurking in the Flats.



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