The Crafty Damsel

This tavern/inn is almost brand new, recently commissioned by its alluring proprietor. The sizable building features two roaring fireplaces, several tables and chairs, a dance floor, and a fully-stocked bar, with rooms for rent two stories up. The entire building boasts a classy yet coquettish decor, including lacy curtains and portraits of powerful women. With a schedule of daily special events, a night at the Damsel is sure to be an exciting one!

Weekly Special Events

  • Onedays: Marisa, the manager, puts on free fiddle shows for the patrons of the tavern.
  • Twosdays: A day for tests of physical strength, often attended by Drevitt, a local arena star.
  • Mendsdays: Craftsmen drink for half price, drawing them from Crafter’s Square and the Bazaar after hours.
  • Foursdays: “Ladies’ night” – women drink for half price while men use the opportunity to court them.
  • Fridays: Gambling night, run by the Damsel staff.
  • Satyrdays: Lumens and clergy drink for half price, in preparation for the following day of worship.
  • Sundays: “Adventurers’ night” – city watchmen and adventurers drink for half price.

Notable Patrons

The Crafty Damsel

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