Laurame Clan


The original Laurame was a gnome witch exiled from his homeland for blasphemous idolization of celestial bodies towards the end of the Fourth Age. Laurame survived his persecution and grew into substantial magical power, eventually convincing other gnomes to practice his faith, which he claimed was simply an older, purer approach to the True Light. One of these gnomes, Hollira, Laurame eventually married, and the couple bore three children over several decades. At the dawn of the Fifth Age, however, several of Laurame’s converts betrayed the witches to the Church, instigating violent pogroms that only Laurame himself and his three children survived. From that point on, Laurame decided that family were the only people he could truly trust.

Over time, the Laurame clan blossomed once again, expanding as Laurame’s three children (each of whom took his name as a family name) each cultivated his or her own own family. Each extension of the clan kept mobile, never staying in one place long enough for the local church to pry into their religious practices or increasingly unscrupulous trade. Eventually the entire clan became identified as a large tribe of gypsies (or, as they preferred to be called, “gnomads”), content to live on the outskirts of civilization and prey on the purses of unsuspecting pedestrians. Thus the clan survived, and Laurame’s mysterious celestial faith endured.

As the clan grew larger and larger, however, it also became more and more fragmented. Laurame’s eldest daughter, Quallo, eventually ceased to be content with the clan’s selfish and paranoid existence, wanting to take a more active role in representing the will of the celestial consciousness via healing the sick and supporting the downtrodden. After many spats with the clan patriarch, who was considerably advanced in age at this point, Quallo and her closest supporters broke off from the rest of the clan, forming a new caravan distinct from the Laurame name. Furthermore, Laurame’s youngest daughter, the sorceress Granya, resisted her father’s pressure to cultivate a large family that had to be constantly on the move, instead settling in Iladia with her husband, another sorcerer named Amery Mularan, and their only daughter Keela. Only Laurame’s middle child, Tomos Laurame, maintained the family’s traditions, even after Laurame’s passing.

Tragically, the two separated sects of the clan soon learned why Laurame had constructed and reinforced the traditions by which he lived. Attempting to adhere to her own interpretation of the family faith, Quallo and her offspring became much more active in the northern communities than the rest of the clan had previously been; this eventually led to their exposure as witches, and almost her entire caravan was destroyed by a brutal lynch mob. Similarly, when Keela Mularan began displaying a propensity for witch magic, her parents did their best to disguise the origin of her arcane power, but were inevitably ousted and murdered for their efforts.


Today only Tomos Laurame’s sect of the clan remains, much in the original format of Laurame’s teachings. The “gnomads” travel across the continent, careful to avoid visiting the same place too many times in a decade or staying in one spot for too many days. They all scrape a living out of the wilderness and the pockets of unwitting travelers and pedestrians, developing as much a reputation as thieves and miscreants as that of entertainers and wanderers. All the while, Tomos leads the family in secret services to their celestial patrons, careful to never expose the family’s rites and rituals to a devout follower of the Church of the True Light lest the remainder of his clan be exterminated like his siblings were.

Notable Laurame Clansfolk

Laurame – clan founder, spiritual leader, and ancestral patriarch; died of old age.
Hollira – wife of Laurame, convert to the celestial patrons; killed by a lynch mob.

  • Quallo – eldest daughter of Laurame and Hollira, left to form her own caravan dedicated to healing and public service; killed by a lynch mob, along with the rest of her caravan.
    – Eoleo – grandson of Quallo, sole survivor of the attack on the caravan; powerful hedge witch and member of the Scarlet Crusade adventuring party.
  • Tomos Laurame – middle son of Laurame and Hollira, leader of the remaining Laurame clan.
    Hollira Laurame – youngest daughter of Tomos, named after her grandmother; most cosmopolitan of the clan caravan.
  • Granya Laurame – youngest daughter of Laurame and Hollira, arcane bloodline sorceress who settled down with husband, Amery Mularan, in Iladia; killed by a lynch mob.
    Keela Mularan – only daughter of Granya and Amery Mularan; witch disguised as an arcane bloodline sorceress, and member of the Lighthouse Infidels adventuring party.

Laurame Clan

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