House Lyrio

House Lyrio is the oldest elven noble house in Nova Dominium, with heritage dating back to the elven homeland. Their ancestors were leaders and backers of the Elven Conquest, and their political and financial influence persists to this day. The family is steeped in traditional elf culture, and they set the standards of behavior for many citizens of the Silex Heights.

In recent history, House Lyrio’s position as the most financially powerful house in the city was compromised by the sudden ascent of House Drachmaa. The Lyrio’s resented this shift in the power dynamic, particularly since the Drachmaa family is mainly comprised of humans, and their disdainful behavior toward the Drachmaas was emulated within the Silex social sphere. The Drachmaas’ response to this adversity was equally unpleasant; as a result, the two houses have spiraled into a long-standing feud that persists to this day.

House Lyrio’s taste in expensive and luxurious clothing represents the pinnacle of elven urban fashion. Their establishments and mansions are similarly decorated, accumulating the finest examples of craftsmanship using only the highest-quality materials. Their sigil is a triangular knot made from a continuous strand, indicative of their house words (“Strength in Unity”). Fittingly, Lyrios are universally loyal to their family, always supporting the House should its interests come into conflict with their own.

Notable Members

House Lyrio

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