House Drachmaa

House Drachmaa is the only human aristocratic house in the Silex Heights. The house’s lineage dates back to a lesser Bronslaw noble, who quickly swore loyalty to the invading elves and, thus, was spared his freedom. The Drachmaas lived off of elf scraps for generations until the end of the Conquest, where they emerged in a relatively stable economic position (compared to the rest of the human population in Nova Dominium). When Drachmaa patriarchs then turned their noteworthy wits to building their financial influence over the continental markets, they gradually climbed further up the social ladder as they became a greater and greater presence in the trade scene.

Today, House Drachmaa stands as one of the city’s political, financial, and social powerhouses. What the family lacks in elven blood they make up for with social savvy, economic tenacity, and copious amounts of money. Most Nova Dominium citizens afford the Drachmaas a healthy degree of respect, but some of the more influential elven houses, particularly House Lyrio, still look down on them, writing them off as unusually cunning and wealthy human upstarts. Given the generations of hard work their house has devoted to upholding its status, the proud Drachmaas have little patience for such slights; they have viewed House Lyrio as their archenemy for decades.

The public view of House Drachmaa is noticeably different from those of the other aristocratic families. Since humans live so much shorter than elves do, House Drachmaa has spanned many generations both historically and presently, whereas most elven houses span only three to five. House members and patrons are known for wearing clothing that is stylish and expensive, but more practical and less costly than the more extravagant elven clothing lines. They are notoriously frugal and intelligent with their use of house funds, careful to spend in ways that maximize the benefits reaped by their house and minimize any potential backlash whether public or monetary. Drachmaas are fiercely loyal to each other, but reputably not so to their patrons and partners. A popular saying is that a Drachmaa jerkin always has two secret sleeves: one that holds emergency cash, and one that hides a less-than-emergency dagger. The house’s sigil is a twelve-faced green gemstone on a golden field, encircled by the house’s words (“Survive, Contrive, and Thrive”) such that the overall image resembles a gold coin set with an emerald at its center.

The Drachmaas’ multifaceted business enterprises and economic endeavors have closely tied them to the Thieves’ Guild, more so even than the other aristocratic houses.

Notable Members

House Drachmaa

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