Collegium Magicum

This complex of rustic buildings near the center of the Silex Heights is the epicenter for higher education and magical learning throughout all of Aetheron. Scholars, academics, and wizards travel from miles around to seek the vast knowledge concentrated in the college’s archives and prestigious faculty, but only the best and brightest are admitted into the Collegium as students. The overwhelming majority of these prodigal young minds are elves, several of whom could only be considered as bright as the coin that bought their entry, but every now and again an exceptional human, dwarf, gnome, or even half-elf is invited into the student body upon displaying truly impressive magical talent or advanced thinking. These minority students are frequently hazed by their elven peers, a process that either drives them out or drives them to work even harder to master the arcane arts. Regardless of race or background, nearly every graduate of the Collegium goes on to be hugely successful in his (or, less commonly, her) field, often completing some great work or accomplishment as part of his (or her) continued study.

The Collegium houses and trains wizards and scholars of all fields and specializations. Every potential faculty member is subjected to vigorous peer-review, such that only the most well renowned and well regarded experts and employed as professors. In order to withstand the college’s rigorous academic curriculum, many students create or join close-knit groups based on related fields of study called “fraternities,” allowing them the opportunity to find like-minded students of similar ability with whom to study and share ideas. Many of these fraternities develop an elitist, clique-like culture, leading them to instigate much of the harassment and hazing on campus.

Notable Faculty

Ingeni Pontifex – professor of civil liberties and social justice, School of Civics.
Poculum – professor of chemical medicines, School of Alchemy.

Notable Students and Graduates

Brothers of Gamma Psi Beta – abjuration fraternity, front for the Faith of the Weeping Father.
Imhistis – student of history and occult magic, School of History.
Myra Antigone Carsotes – graduate of the School of Divination.

Collegium Magicum

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