Mists of the Past

The Gathering of Information (and Snake Skulls)
The party begins cautiously garnering a reputation in the Silex Heights

Foursday & Friday, 4th & 5th of Midsummer

The group started Foursday with a visit to Ricardo, as he leaves his home early in the morning. He explained that he is obsessed with the types of creatures that can be found down in the sewers, but that the watch will not allow him to explore them himself, considering him a liability. He informed the group of a large snake known as Venomtongue, and told them of where in the sewers it can be found. He asked them to go find the creature and bring back its head for his collection of trophies. Though Keela was reluctant to kill an animal without due cause, the group agrees to descend into the sewers once more, once their other interests were resolved.

Next, the group attempted to find out the nature of the magically-charged metal apparatus that they took off of the “fish” statue in the kobold lair. Keela and Senkara first went to Crispwillow‘s shop, where they were told that she would have to wait until that evening to do the necessary spells to determine what it was. They decided to give the device to Alyndra for when she went to her meeting with Myra Antigone – if they didn’t get answers, they could just take it back to Crispwillow later. However, Antigone saw through Alyndra’s disguise and was rather upset with her “time being wasted.” When Alyndra showed her the device, Antigone got very upset, demanding to know how she found the item, as it was very powerful. She then transported the device to the Collegium and left, leaving the group with no further leads.

Crispwillow also mentioned a bit of information about the Faith of the Weeping Father – it might be a small sect following what people believe to be the father of mankind – who favors elves and half-elves over other races, though he created all of them. The group also visited Imhistis, a student of history and the occult at the Collegium who works at the museum, to see if he had heard anything more. He had never heard of the weeping father, but told the group about his studies on the wreck of the West Wind, a ship that went down by the distant Eastwatch Lighthouse, possibly because the captain betrayed his employers who then wanted revenge by attacking the ship. The group was asked to visit the wreck and try to look for evidence of some occult doing that might have cause the ship to sink, and were warned of lizard people and possibly a sea drake in the area. He also agreed to look into what the statue from the kobold lair might be, and to look for magic supplies at Crispwillow’s shop.

The adventurers then went into the sewers to deal with Venomtongue. Keela, being the size of a decent mouthful for a giant snake, drank a potion of hide from animals and decided that instead of attacking, she would heal everyone else. The others attacked, resulting in quite a few snake bites that damaged Senkara and put Cedric out of commission due to poison damage. But Venomtongue was defeated, and brought back to Ricardo, who rewarded the group with a potion of neutralize poison and two elixirs of hiding.

Friday was spent with Keela healing Cedric in the Crafty Damsel while Senkara and Alyndra went to speak to those who might have answers to their questions. First, they disguised themselves as full-blooded elves and went back to the Aedis, where they talked to Beacon Patricio. He informed them that the Aedis is indeed running a hunt for witches, and that they had it in control, and that the Contego Populum was a new method. The Contego is being run by an elven witch-hunter named Crixus, who came back down from the north to help with the witching problem. However, Patricio had a bad view of adventurers, especially because the Contego contains his younger brother, Lumen Zaphkiel. He agreed to try and help the Temple of the Dawn with their monetary issues if the group got a high quality diamond for a raise dead spell, just in case he needed it for his brother. He also agreed to look into Crispwillow’s shop for magical supplies, giving her the three high-profile customers she needed.

While wandering the streets, the two half-elves overheard three elven maidens talking to a guard identified as Baldwin. They were talking about his son Dilwin’s bad leg, and how the father would provide – the weeping father. After asking Slade, they were informed that the Temple of the Dawn’s healers couldn’t fix his leg, and that Baldwin had a hard life.

After Keela finished helping Cedric detox from the poison, they went to steal the Renimatus plant from the druids in Oceanwatch Park in the Heights. All of them managed to sneak in that night other than Cedric, and got to the plant without issues. However, when entering to take the plant, the topiary behind it came to life to defend it. The three managed to defeat it with a few well-placed slices and an alchemists fire, and escaped with the plant. They delivered it to the druids at Court Park, who rewarded them with an ascomoid seed for Cedric.

The next morning, they went to the Bestiary to see if anyone knew what the fish statue was. They first met Tigris, who brushed them off and gave them no answers. They then found Irwin, who said it might be a form of mollusk. He then offered to give them work – if they came back that afternoon and passed his tests, they would get on-call work at the Bestiary as specialists.

Facing the Faceless Stalker
The party ties up its last loose end, only to discover several new ones

Mendsday, 3rd of Midsummer

The party awakens to a new day with adventuring licenses in hand! However, the extermination of the kobolds by no means ensures the safety of the citizens in the Flats. With this in mind, the party decides to turn their attention towards hunting down the faceless stalker they believe is lurking in the city, currently in the form of Zeg. The party asks Marisa if she’s noticed anything unusual about the “Zeg” that frequents her tavern. The half-elf hasn’t noticed much, but she does inform the party that he’s been asking a lot of questions about Slade. Worried that the head of the guard is the stalker’s next target, the party decides to try to hunt down where Zeg lives.

The heroes arrive at Ethan’s house, thinking he might know where his former party member might live. They are greeted by Ethan’s father, Gervais, who informs them that Ethan has stepped out for the day. The party notices that the man is holding some kind of pamphlet. Upon closer inspection, the party realizes it’s some kind of evangelical propaganda for some kind of faith called “The Weeping Father.” Ethan’s father seemed quite interested in the flyer, and said he had gotten it from a half-elf. The party has a dreadful hunch that the new religion might have something to do with the witching problem in the Heights and asks to borrow the pamphlet for the day so they can look into it.

With no leads on how to find Zeg before nightfall, the party decides to satiate their curiosity regarding the mysterious new religion, so they pay Lumen Nalia a visit. When they arrive to the temple they are surprised by the notable lack of Lumens on staff. Lumen Nalia explains that the head temple, the Silex Aedis has been funding the extermination of the witches in the Heights, which cuts the funding of the temple in the Flats. Concerned, the party tells Lumen Nalia that they’d see what they can do about restoring funds to her temple. They also ask her about the new religion that’s been cropping up, but she says she doesn’t know anything about it, but promises that if she hears anything she’ll let the party know.

At this point, they decide it would be efficient to split up. Cedric, Senkara and Keela headed toward the druid park to see if any of the druids had heard anything about the religion. They don’t learn anything about the Weeping Father from Vetna Cleanleaf, one of the human druids running the park. Instead, the rather bristly woman goes on a rant about how the elven druids are keeping a rare plant, the Brunsfelnia Renimatus, contained as a dainty exhibit in their “unnaturally” kept park. She implores that the party steal the plant from the elves so she and the other druids may allow the flower to grow “as nature intended.” Never wanting to pass up a chance to get the better of a bunch of bigoted elves, the three agree to the task and leave the park with a new task.

In the meantime, Alyndra makes her way through town disguised as a full-blooded elf. She goes to the Silex library, hoping to meet with Myra Antigone, the head librarian and graduate of the Collegium, to see if she knows anything about the Weeping Father or the bronze apparatus that they had found on the fish statue in the sewers. She finds out that Antigone doesn’t meet with anyone without an appointment, but Alyndra is able to chat up Antigone’s secretary and find out that there had been a series of strange events people believe are connected to the witching problem (such as oddly behaving animals, unexplained murders and instances of amnesia). Antigone’s secretary also suggests talking to one of the Collegium students, whose thesis centers around the occult. Happy to have been able to garner some useful information, Alyndra makes an appointment to meet with Antigone the following day and exits the library.

Cedric, Keela and Senkara return to the Flats and decide to split up for the remainder of the afternoon. Cedric talks to Heinrich to see if he’s heard of anything strange going on. Heinrich mentions that someone named Ricardo had reputably been asking about the sewers. He suggests that if the party is looking for work, they should try to track him down when he goes to the Crafty Damsel on Twosdays. Meanwhile, Keela checks in with Wayne to see how his refrigeration system is coming along. Wayne promises he’s close to a breakthrough, but that he needs more time to figure out what he needs. He tells her that he’ll track the party down when he requires their service again. In her free time, Senkara sneaks off to the coche to play with some of the children.

Before returning to the Flats, Alyndra decides to stop by the Aedis to further investigate the new religion. Unfortunately, as soon as she shows one of the elf Lumens the pamphlet, he throws it into a fire and refuses to say anything on the topic. Disgruntled, Alyndra leaves the Heights and meets up with the rest of the party.

Once everyone relays all the information they gained throughout the day, the group agrees to track down Ricardo’s tenement. They do so successfully, and plan to go there later to see what work the man might have for them. Once that’s done, they return to the Damsel to keep tabs on “Zeg.”

The once-consistently-surly-and-drunk Zeg is found happily drinking moderate amounts of mead in the tavern. The group tries to discretely keep an eye on him. Suddenly, one of the serving girls trips. In the distraction, only Senkara and Alyndra are able to spot that it was actually Zeg that tripped her before dashing out the door. The two half-elves immediately take off after him, while Keela and Cedric bring up the rear once they realize what happened. The faceless stalker leads the girls down an alleyway and suddenly appears behind them. Taking on its real form, the aberration attacks them. The two half-elves hold their own for a while before Cedric and Keela turn up just in time. Cedric takes the front of the formation and attacks the creature head on. However, the stalker uses its wide range of attack to its advantage and knocks the sailor out, after sucking a considerable amount of his blood with its three prehensile tongues. At this point, Keela starts screaming for help (seeing as activating a monitor crystal is not an option because there are none in the area). She tries to send Perin in to heal Cedric, but the bird is crushed almost instantly by the monster. Alyndra jumps in and heals Cedric, allowing him to roll out of the stalker’s range. At this point, the stalker turns and flees the scene. All three women take off in pursuit, peppering the creature with arrows. Around the corner, some guards show up and surround the stalker. Unfortunately, the stalker is able to take a majority of the guards out. The incident is enough, however, to let the party catch up to the monster and allow Senkara to land a final arrow in the back of its head, causing it to collapse dead on the ground.

After alerting Slade, the group rushes to Zeg’s flat. They find the real Zeg barely alive, reaching him just in time to save him from bleeding out, as the stalker had been keeping him alive to feed on his blood supply. After healing him, the party returns to the Damsel, able to rest easy after vanquishing one of the deadlier threats lurking in the Flats.

The Fall of Dulreep
The party finally completes its original assignment, exterminating the Wetfang tribe and its sorcerous leader.

Oneday & Twosday, 1st & 2nd of Midsummer

The party wakes at the Crafty Damsel, and goes to Heinrich’s to buy ammunition before entering the sewers with the intent of eliminating the kobold threat once and for all. After examining their options at the intersection of sewer lines they had encountered before, they decide to avoid the still-triggered spike trap and deal with the gray ooze, instead.

They make their way down the slope, but before they can even look around, Cedric has stepped straight into the ooze. They back away quickly, and finish off the ooze from a distance, with the thing putting up no fight. Once it is dealt with, they take antitoxins and walk down the hall, wading into the sewage water at the end of the tunnel.

They move through a door and enter a tall circular chamber. Around the outside of the chamber is wooden scaffolding, and on the scaffolding are seven kobolds armed with crossbows. One of the kobolds is a commander, who probably would have posed the group a great deal of trouble had Keela not blinded him right off the bat. Senkara takes a few failed shots as Cedric begins to climb onto the scaffolding, and the blinded, confused leader ducks through a moss curtain and out of sight. Cedric reaches the top of the scaffolding, with Alyndra not far behind, and pulls a kobold over his head off of the scaffolding. The creature falls headfirst to the stone floor forty feet below, where Senkara finishes him with a quick shot. Cedric and Alyndra then begin making their way along the narrow scaffolding, with Cedric easily cutting down a kobold. Keela climbs up and begins circling from the other side.

Cedric and Alyndra are about to reach the next kobold when Cedric trips, almost falling to the stone below but managing to catch himself on the ledge and pull himself up. Just as he does, however, the kobold closest to them uses an alchemist’s fire, setting the wooden platform ablaze. Cedric puts it out, but Alyndra falls through the gap in the wood. Cedric presses forward, instantly killing the next kobold. Keela, meanwhile, has been sickening some of the kobolds. Cedric starts cutting though the remaining fighters, while Senkara, who has climbed up on the other side and passed Keela, works from the other end of the line. They make short work of the group and the group elects to continue through the moss curtain in search of the blinded leader.

The leader is waiting in a small interior chamber, but the party can see another cylindrical room ahead and push forward, only to encounter seven more kobolds. Another fight ensues, and despite a skum and an additional kobold joining the fray, it is again over relatively quickly. Cedric saves Senkara’s life, though she is less than grateful at first, since she feels cheated out of a kill.

The group returns to the blind commander, and Keela interrogates him. They find that his name is Trikleer, and that he was the Wetfang Master of Arms. He tells them that the kobold population below ground has been mostly wiped out. He will tell them no more, so they kill him. At this point they decide to return to the surface to recuperate before attacking the final enemy – Dulreep the prophet.

Upon their return to the surface, Keela wants to seek out a store that sold magical items. They can’t find anything like they were looking for in the flats, so they go to the Silex Heights to Crispwillow’s Cache of Charms and Curiosities. The owner of the shop, Thevane, tells the party that the magic on Cedric’s armor (that he’d received from Blooroath) is degraded, functioning as a curse and gradually turning him into Blooroath the longer he wore it. This causes Alyndra and Senkara great amusement, and they began calling him “Cedroath” until he threatens them with injury.
Thevane also talks to the party about the fact that she was having business trouble: she doesn’t make enough money to pay off the Thieves’ Guild, and as such cannot advertise her most valuable items for fear that the Guild will relieve her of them. As such, many of her most valuable items gather dust on the shelves, furthering her financial troubles. She requests that they try and get her a customer each from the aristocratic spheres – the Aedis, the Collegium, and the city government – and offers to reward the party for their efforts. They agree to do what they can.

After that they return to the Crafty Damsel, as Alyndra is scheduled to play with the well-known singer Tenorus, a friend of Marisa’s. She does a spectacular job, and Tenorus seems quite taken, requesting that she perform with him again at noon the following day. She does a wonderful job there, too, and Tenorus presents her with a beautiful masterwork violin as a thank-you. Her performance also allows the party to talk to government officials about looking into Crispwillow’s.

The group returns to the sewers that afternoon, and continues to the chamber where they had left off. They come across two kobolds, badly malnourished to the point of unconsciousness, who are imprisoned. Keela revives one, and the party finds that they awaiting their sacrifice to the Blackscale, and are proud to be sacrifices. Senkara interprets this as grounds for a mercy/convenience kill, which causes the rest of party to become somewhat annoyed with her.
The party moves on to the next room: the officers’ quarters. Trikleer – the Master of Arms – had warned them of a trap, which Senkara locates and disables. They then enter a large chamber. Leading into the chamber are two ramps on either side of a water channel. The far end of the chamber is open to the outdoors, apparently in the face of a cliff.

In the center of the chamber, on a small island in the channel, is a strange statue resembling a fish. On the statue stands Dulreep, the prophet. Three skum stand between the party and the prophet.

Dulreep addresses the group, seemingly confident that they would be unable to kill him. However, the group quickly attacks the skum. Cedric throws a poisoned javelin at Dulreep, but it gets stuck in the statue. Dulreep tries to cause havoc, and ends up sickening Cedric. Keela’s spells seem ineffective. Things look grim, even as the skum fall one by one. Then Cedric recovers, and climbs up onto the statue. In a move that surprises everyone, he manages to fell Dulreep in a single attack.

The party examines the room, and finds nothing but a strange bronze fitting on the fish statue, which they remove. They then return to the surface, where Slade Giffkin gladly compensates them for their service to the district.

Assault on the Wetfang Tribe
The adventurers make their first push deep into kobold territory.

Friday – Sunday, 26th – 28th of Waxsummer

Caught off-guard by the sudden kobold attack, the party unloaded everything they had on the vile reptilians, including spellcasting from both Keela and Alyndra. The ambush was repelled, but a monitor crystal near the graveyard was triggered by the party’s retaliation, resulting in an interrogation by an investigator of unlicensed magic. The kobold attack was apparently enough of a justification to placate the official (the party was told the vermin attacked in force, and several residents of the Flats were wounded), but a background check would be necessary. Keela told a convincing lie about her magic being sorcerous in nature, but the group became anxious; any deeper investigation ran the risk of revealing her as a witch.

Unable to do anything more about the illicit magic charges, the party returned to the Crafty Damsel to rest. The next morning was spent shopping, and in addition to gear for the upcoming sewer expedition the group was able to find some vinegar and a dead cat – potential bargaining chips to use with Blooroath. Asking around, the group identified Molin, a patron of the Leaky Dinghy, as the illegal weapons dealer who had been vexing Heinrich. A combination of Senkara’s charm and Slade’s manpower allowed the party to apprehend Molin, earning them a masterwork rapier for Alyndra and a ranseur for Cedric. Unfortunately, their visit to the dingy Dinghy also revealed that Tomlin (suspected of being a faceless stalker) had “cleaned out,” and Zeg (one of Slade’s first hired hands) had relocated to the Crafty Damsel, and undergone a complete personality change. This raised a red flag for the Cedric, who asked Marisa to keep an eye on the suspicious character.

Finally prepared for their confrontation with the full might of the Wetfang Tribe, the party descended into the sewers. Their first stop: Blooroath’s lair. Using the dead cat and vinegar as tribute, the party was able to convince the lord of the sewers to grant them a + 1 chain shirt, a scroll of web, and a badly damaged cloak of elvenkind. With these new treasures in store, the party counter-ambushed the skum and secured the sewer control room. Using the schematics provided by Dalwin Keap, Senkara and Cedric were able to redirect the water to the bay for ship cleaning and reroute the sewage output through the emergency ducts – directly into the Wetfang stronghold. The majority of the kobold forces were drowned in refuse, and the party was able to descend unopposed.

The lower chambers were restrictive due to their low ceilings, and split into three corridors. The eastern channel was rejected when the party realized it was home to a gray ooze. The party next explored the southern passage, but as they advanced they sprung a trap, filling the pipe with spikes that stabbed everyone (except Alyndra, who remained behind “just in case”) and prevented further movement. With only one option left, the party explored the western cistern, which appeared to be some kind of farm for a nutritious sewer fungus called scum truffle. Keen observation, however, revealed that the pit of filthy water in the basin was home to a young black dragon. The beast sprang from hiding once the party began taking potshots at it, and a dangerous battle commenced. The cramped passages gave the dragon the advantage, and several party members almost perished. Once the group retreated back to the entrance, however, they were able to turn the tide and force the dragon to surrender. He revealed that the kobolds used to venerate him, and that he was eager to see the new prophet, Dulreep, eliminated. Cedric, however, elected not to trust the shady creature, and finished him off before he could escape. Badly wounded and disheartened by the difficulties faced in the Wetfang lair, the party returned to the surface to heal and prepare for a second push, which would occur after a full day of rest and recovery.

The Explosive Conclusion to the Sawfish Boys
The party tackles the Sawfish Boys gang, once and for all.

Friday, 26th of Waxsummer

Around four o’clock on Fireday, the group decides to handle The Sawfish Boys Gang while in town. Planning begins with logistics – how they would get into the warehouse where the gang stays, and why they had reason to be there. Remembering that not only are the Sawfish Boys known misogynists but that they have attempted to vandalize the Crafty Damsel Tavern, the group approaches Marisa for help. They ask if she would agree to let them use her name to get into the gang – because of her popularity and charm, the group says that they will tell the Sawfish Boys that they dislike her and want their help to deal with her. Then, discussing how they will enter the warehouse, they decide to disguise Alyndra and Senkara as men to go inside with Cedric while Keela hid outside the door listening.

At the warehouse, Cedric and his two disguised companions enter after giving the guard the password: “Did you know that the sawfish has its teeth on its snout?” They enter and start to talk to the guard, asking him where Nim is. The guard tells them that he is downstairs with Grayson, and then notices that Senkara is in fact female. Thinking quickly, Senkara is offended – who are they to judge if she decides to identify with a gender that is biologically not her own? They say that she can stay if she allows them to, well, get friendly. She says that they can if they wish, but that she has a particular disease she contracted from the North that they would catch. At that point, the guard and the other gang members in the room lift their weapons, and the fight begins. Keela runs inside to help them, and the group notices that any reinforcements from upstairs could join the fight and outnumber them at any point. To prevent this, Keela lights a fuse grenade with a tinder twig and throws it in front of the staircase, hoping that it will explode before anyone runs through the doorway. One of the guards picks up the grenade, and it explodes in his hand, taking out most of the stairs along with his hand. Seeing that they are losing the fight due to the explosion and a decent number of fallen comrades, one of the gang members runs out of the warehouse door. In an attempt to stop him from running off and getting help or spreading word of what was happening, Keela runs out after him and used ear-piercing scream on him, and then dragged his prostrate body back into the warehouse. At this point, the only Sawfish Boy left alive tells them that there is no one else in the building, and that the stairs that led to the basement were fortunately not the ones that were blown up. Before going downstairs, they checked the other rooms, and found three chests. One of them was locked and trapped, the others held massive amounts of pesh and silver pieces.

The group proceeds into the basement, and find Nim holding Grayson hostage. The group tried to get him to let Grayson go by telling him that they were sent by Grayson’s family to get him home alive, and then tried to get him to go upstairs before an altercation began. He agreed to come upstairs to the ground floor, where Alyndra began to dance to improve the group’s fighting skills. Her methods proved helpful – the added courage gave the fighters the advantage needed to defeat Nim. His head was removed to prove to Slade that he was taken care of. Grayson was healed and sent back to his family. The key to the locked chest was found, and it was opened to display a great deal of items. The money and pesh were brought to Slade, and the group was given silver and some other items as a reward.

They then went to tell Ethan Tripdirt that he no longer needed to hide, as the Sawfish Boys were no longer going to be interested in finding him. Ethan mentions that when in the sewers, he saw kobolds around the southern release pipes, and that there was a grate in that area as well. During the conversation, the group looks over to find a group of kobolds sneaking towards them between the gravestones…

The Sewage King, Plus Some Romance
The party makes new allies, both mundane and unusual

Foursday & Friday, 25th & 26th of Waxsummer

After successfully defeating the sewer choker, the rag-tag team prioritizes and decides to hunt for the kobold lair. They return to the sewers to search through new areas. As they travel deep into the sewer, they come upon a pipe that has rusted and turned. Senkara and Keela, who were standing at the wrong place at the wrong time, are splashed with foul-smelling sewage before Senkara and Cedric manage to turn the pipe in another direction. With this somewhat auspicious beginning, the party continues searching new areas of the sewer.

Soon enough, the party comes upon a pile of animal skins and burlap sacks. Senkara cautiously approaches the pile to and is met with a vicious wererat leaping out of it. Cedric wastes no time in jumping into action and striking the creature with his pole-arm. Alyndra presses her bow to her fiddle as the battle begins. The rat-man dashes around Cedric and slashes at the bard with his dagger. Senkara attempts to return his attack with her own daggers, but the creature dodges her thrusts with surprising dexterity. Keela hexes the rat with a withering glare. By all accounts, this four-on-one battle looks as though it will turn out in the group’s favor, but the fact that no one can land a hit on anyone else halts any all progress for an embarrassingly long amount of time.

Feeling his luck would eventually run out, the exhausted were-rat gives in. The party interrogates him for information on the kobold lair, but he cannot provide any useful insights regarding its location. Instead, the rat-man tells the party of a giant, putrid monster, Blooroath, the self proclaimed “lord of the sewers.” He tells them that the monster may have information regarding the kobolds, and that he would be much friendlier if the party brought him tributes of garbage. With this in mind, the party returns to the surface to hunt for suitable tributes. Keela approaches Wayne who is glad to impart used chemicals and bloodrot fungus to her. Senkara receives old, dented wooden shields from Heinrich while Alyndra is able to charm overripe fruit and vinegar from Marisa. Cedric procures a chamber pot from the previous search party. Tributes in hand, the party climbs down the rain drain to meet with Blooroath.

On the way they encounter a fuath gremlin dwelling in clean water. To make a long story short, the gremlin is extremely annoying so they kill it and move on.

The party enters Blooroath’s foul chamber. They throw their offerings onto his mound of garbage, and he quickly consumes them. The heroes inquire after the kobolds, and the massive creature tells them something about the “release fiscals of the sewers-southwest.” The party cannot gain any more useful information beyond this phrase. Somewhat puzzled, they exit the chamber and rinse off in the gremlin’s pool before heading to the Crafty Damsel for ladies’ night.

Keela, who is running high on cash, buys a round for the party. Senkara and Alyndra both notice a well-dressed man named Franco sitting quietly on his own in the corner. They approach him and ask him to join them on the dance floor. He shyly admits that he’s only interested in Myrtle, one of the women who is already up and dancing with her friends. With the help of Keela, Senkara and Alyndra successfully get the couple chatting with light conversation that lasts the rest of the night. Beside himself with glee, he tells the party that Mrytle has agreed to go on a date with him the next day. He suddenly panics when he realizes he’ll need to bring flowers, but the party puts him at ease, promising that they will procure a bouquet for him before the next night.

Keeping to their word, the first thing the party does the next day is trespass on the druids’ flower gardens to “borrow” some flowers for the arrangement. They arrive at Franco’s house and bestow the bouquet to him, along with the pair of earrings they found previously. Franco is overwhelmed with gratitude and gives the party a wand of cure-light-wounds as thanks.

On a whim, the party decides to explore a little island they’ve seen on the map of the sewers. They climb down a ladder and see some amoebae in the muck. It’s boring, so they leave.

Still not knowing what “release fiscals” are, the group meets up with Slade. Slade considers Blooroath’s advice, and wonders if the kobolds can be flushed out if they adjust the sewage pipes. Upon hearing about the kobolds’ prophet, he asks the party to make sure the prophet is killed. He advises them to talk to Dawlin Keap about how to adjust the water-routes. They do so. In a moment of insight, Dalwin realizes that Blooroath must have meant “vesicle” instead of “fiscal.” He gives the group a pipe control schematics sheet and tells them that the north and east pipes are rusted. With the schematics in hand, the party plans to flush out the kobolds by running sewage into their lair in the southwest. Dawlin also requests that the party reroute the north tributary to the east bay for the purpose of cleaning the ships.

Happy to finally have a solid lead, the party decides to visit the imprisoned kobold another time to see what they can learn of the “prophet” leading the mass of lizard-men. Through the conversation, the party is able to determine that the prophet is most likely a staff/wand-wielding sorcerer. He established his power over the tribe by snuffing out the “old bloodline," which the kobold explains was the blood of dragons. He says the prophet accomplished this feat by summoning monsters from the sea, which the party suspects are the skum that were responsible for the deaths of the previous adventurers.

Hunting Mona and Golda
Without many leads on the Wetfang tribe, the party solves some other local problems.

Mendsday & Foursday, 24th & 25th of Waxsummer

Now armed with Josephine’s silversheen dagger, two more flasks of holy salt, and the knowledge of where the drekavac is holed up, the party decides to end Mona’s epidemic once and for all. Descending into the sewers via the Crafter’s Square grate, the party makes their way to the distilling well, where an unnatural chill seeps into their bones as the undead horror rises from the water. The group lures the monster from the well; Keela cripples her with an accursed glare while Cedric and Senkara flank her. Though Mona is drawn towards Alyndra’s inspiring song, Cedric halts her advance by sinking his halberd into her back. The force of the blow causes the drekavac to lurch forward, straight into Senkara’s waiting dagger. The silver blade finally severs Mona’s unnatural grip on the mortal coil; her body disintegrates into diseased mist as the life force of her victims is released. Upon returning to the surface, the party discovers that all of the filth fever patients spontaneously recovered, and Lumen Nalia rewards them with her healing magic and a number of potent potions.

The party celebrates its first triumph, but quickly realizes that its primary task – resolving the kobold issue – remains incomplete. Keela suggests that she may be able to magically charm one of the reptilian pests, and convince it to divulge where its tribe resides. The group returns to the known kobold ambush site, and once again quickly overwhelms the hapless attackers. They manage to capture one kobold, but it manages to resist Keela’s enchantment. Nonmagical attempts to glean new information reveal only that this particular kobold is a surly bastard, so the frustrated adventurers dispose of it and return to the City Watch headquarters without any new leads.

Having hit another dead end concerning the Wetfang tribe, the party decides to spend the rest of the day investigating the mysterious behavior of Tomlin Leiby. Alyndra and Senkara ask around and find that Leiby has been spending his days traveling between the Leaky Dinghy, the Wharf Theater, and the Southwatch Lighthouse. Not wanting to spook their quarry, the party first pays a visit to the proprietors of the Lighthouse when they know that Tomlin is elsewhere. They converse with the lady of the lighthouse, Teya Lyst, and discover that her husband, Carver, has been imprisoned for the murder of his friend Jerome, a late officer of the city watch. They don’t gain much more information from the shrewish woman, until her daughter, Isabel, lets slip that her daddy is back. Intrigued by this unexpected development, Alyndra, Keela and Senkara manage to convince Teya to tell them the truth. She reveals that Carver managed to escape the prison during the chaos following Slade’s botched arrest of Josephine Trall, along with a halfling and a dwarf.

The party is initially uncomfortable with the idea of conversing with a fugitive murderer, but Carver quickly pleads his innocence. He tells the group his story about how Jerome (the man he was said to have murdered) was actually killed by an amorphous, bloodsucking monstrosity. Carver stumbled upon the monster while it was feeding, and later saw that it had taken on the appearance of the dead guard. Carver attacked the imposter, which proved to be a disastrous mistake, since the guards believed he was the one who killed Jerome.

Carver’s story sheds new light on the reason for “Tomlin’s” scripted response to discovering a disfigured corpse in his tenement (and more importantly, who that corpse may have once been). Distraught by the notion that a bloodsucking abomination is haunting the town disguised as a city guard, the group agrees to keep Carver’s location a secret, and they begin to brainstorm ways to expose this monster’s true nature and clear Carver’s name. While devising plans, however, the party suddenly realizes a crucial fact that had escaped their notice while Carver told his tale: two more convicts are now at large.

The party seeks out Treg Bjorn, the warden of the local jail, and confronts him about three potentially missing prisoners. In order to disguise the fact that they know of Carver’s whereabouts, the adventurers base their accusation on their interactions with a shady halfling in the Leaky Dinghy. They are surprised to find that the halfling in question was indeed one of Carver’s cellmates, a thief called Skeever Snapjaw. The other, Golda Furrell, is an arsonist from another district of Nova Dominium. Treg, eager to maintain his spotless record as prison warden, offers a bounty for each fugitive the party apprehends without alerting Slade of the escape. Since Cedric has already cowed Skeever and the group agreed to help Carver, Golda’s capture becomes the party’s new objective.

Rumors about a dwarf matching Golda’s description point the bounty hunters towards the Wharf Theater. Alyndra, uneager to have a confrontation with the director (with whom she has a history), sneaks around back while the rest of the party meets with Meliss Trinetta. Senkara gains a “self-guided tour” of the theater for the group by playing to the director’s self-absorbed nature, and after letting Alyndra into the theater they begin their search for Golda. They find her working as a stagehand and attempt to surround her, but the dwarf catches on to their ploy and retaliates. It turns out that Golda is not merely an arsonist but a cunning alchemist, and she mixes a chemical bomb that blasts the party as they attempt to apprehend her. Before she can escape, Cedric manages to grapple her long enough for the rest of the group to surround her. Keela fixes her evil eye on the fugitive, undermining her escape attempts and countering the benefits of the mutagen she imbibed. Even when the dwarf breaks free of Cedric’s hold, Senkara manages to stab her several times. Cedric catches up with her, knocking her to the ground and offering her a choice: she can surrender and see the light of day again, or be cut down as she flees. Golda surrenders, and the party returns her to Treg’s prison in exchange for a 600 sp bounty.

Content with its service to society, the group decides to return its attention to the kobold problem. Since interrogating the kobolds has proven to be a fruitless endeavor, the adventurers decide to begin a systematic investigation of the sewer system, starting with the eastern pipelines. First, they must clear out the known threats so as to ensure safe passage after the group has rested and resupplied. They begin by dispatching the giant leech that Zeg warned them about. The party travels to the spot marked on their map, and spots the vermin lurking in the water. Alyndra dumps the remaining holy salt on the leech – though it is not a particularly evil creature, its slug-like body is still vulnerable to salt corrosion. As it squirms onto the walkway to confront its attackers, Cedric stabs his halberd down the leech’s gullet and bisects the beast, ensuring safe passage into the southeast channels.

Content with their progress, the party decides to spend another night at the Crafty Damsel. After spending their excess copper pieces on food and drink, Cedric and Alyndra have a lively chat with Marisa about blood-sucking, shape-shifting monstrosities. Marisa postulates that the beast might be a “faceless stalker,” an aberration capable of draining blood and taking humanoid form. Unfortunately, the bard is unable to give Cedric and Alyndra any advice about how to confront or kill the monster, since she has never encountered one herself. Meanwhile, the rest of the party decides to take advantage of the Mendsday patronage. Keela strikes up a conversation with Wayne the alchemist (earning his support should Keela be interested in learning alchemy) and Senkara speaks to Heinrich the smith, who promises the group two masterwork-quality weapons if they dispose of a fence working with the Sawfish Boys to undercut his prices.

After a restful night, the party returns to the sewers and continues exploring, working their way past the freshwater channels and closer to the waste disposal networks. They find one bridge with a noticeable chill, and deduce that a patch of brown mold is growing beneath the arch. Alyndra uses a mage hand cantrip to scoop a sample into a vial before Cedric destroys the mold with a flask of liquid ice. Upon returning the sample to Wayne, the group is rewarded with a number of valuable alchemical tools, including several fuse grenades similar to those confiscated from Golda Furrell.

The group then investigates one of the water flow control stations surrounded by numerous pipes. They stumble upon a conspicuous pile of treasure, which perplexes the adventurers. Its presence is explained, however, when a choker ambushes the group from the pipes, attempting to strangle Alyndra. Cedric rips the monster down with his halberd, while Senkara attempts to pepper it with arrows. Before the killing blow can be fired, however, the beast scrambles into the pipes, attempting to reach a vantage point from which it can continue its assault. Keela’s keen ears allow her to identify which pipe the choker is hiding in, so she takes a fuse grenade and tindertwig from Cedric’s pack. She lights the bomb and lobs it into the pipe. Just as the choker reemerges to lash out at Cedric, the grenade explodes, reducing the aberration to a lump of smoldering flesh. The party celebrates by dividing up the beast’s horde amongst themselves.

Cedric Snogs a Darkmantle
The party explores the sewers and the town, resolving a few mysteries but uncovering even more.

Twosday, 23rd of Waxsummer

The party wakes the next morning and prepares for another day of adventuring. They decide to explore the sewers. Before they go below, they stop by the Temple of the Dawn to purchase some holy salt as protection against the drekavac.

The party enters the sewers and finds itself in a dark, columned chamber. Suddenly they are set upon by a darkmantle. Cedric, who is at the head of the party, attempts to attack the creature, but he fails to kill it and it attaches itself to his face. The party manages to kill the creature rather quickly after this, however, and they continue deeper into the sewers.

It is a while later that they turn a corner and see a camp of sorts set up in a short dead-end tunnel. Sitting in the area is a dwarf woman with unfortunate features. By her side is a rat, which seems to have no fear of the woman. The dwarf is suspicious and threatening at first, and brandishes a wicked looking silver dagger. The party realizes that this must be Josephine. Upon Keela’s reassurances as a fellow witch that the party means them no harm, Josephine is friendlier. She invites them to sit with her, and even goes as far as to offer them food from her limited supply. They thank her, but decline, asking instead to give them her side of the story.

She tells them that she was found to be a witch by the town, and was arrested. She escaped and fled to the sewers. After talking for a while Josephine reveals that her familiar, Grace the goat, was killed when she was arrested by a guard named Tomlin Leiby.

Josephine refuses to sell them the dagger to help with the drekavac, asserting that she needs it for protection. She agrees, however, that she will give it to the party if they help her to escape. The adventurers decide to attempt to get her out of the city that night. Josephine also offers them a reward if they attempt to get more information that may harm Tomlin, as revenge for murdering her familiar.

The party leaves Josephine and continues to explore the sewers. They reach a bridge and an intersection of four tunnels, when they are beset upon by kobolds. The adventurers battle them and kill all but one, who Cedric knocks unconscious in the hopes of gaining information from it when it wakes.

They bring the unconscious kobold back to Josephine, who wakes it for them. Keela interrogates it, but it refuses to cooperate, even when Cedric intimidates it. They gather a few pieces of information, including the fact that the kobolds have a central area they are using as a base location in the sewers, and that they are led by someone the kobold refers to as “the Prophet”. That is all they can glean, however, before the kobold wriggles free in an attempt to escape, and is killed by Cedric.

The adventurers set off again, now in search of the kobolds’ base. They have not gone far, however, when they encounter a disfigured, rat-faced child thing: the drekavac. They fight it, cutting at it and covering it with a vial of holy salt, but before they can kill it the creature flees, changing into vapor and escaping through a vent.

The party decides they have had enough of the sewers for the time being, and return to the surface. They decide to investigate Tomlin, and talk to Slade. They indicate to Slade that they believe Tomlin may have affiliations with the Sawfish Boys. Slade does not believe this to be possible. Tomlin has been taking a respite for his health, but upon the party’s insistence, Slade cautiously assigns a guard to show them to Tomlin’s apartment so that they can go talk to him. When they arrive they find that the house smells strongly of rotting something. They enter and find a body beneath the bed, in horrific state. It is naked, completely drained of blood, its face mutilated beyond recognition. The guard is dispatched to find Slade immediately, and while he is gone the adventurers look around, finding an arcane scroll of see invisibility, a masterwork halberd, a masterwork suit of studded leather armor, and a golden armband of elf make easily worth 200 sp in a locked trunk. The guard comes back with Slade, who examines the body and trunk. He then informs the party that, to his knowledge Tomlin is alive and well.

The party is surprised to learn that Tomlin is alive. Slade sends for Tomlin, and they meet with him in Slade’s office under the pretense that his house has been vandalized. They bring him with them to “inspect the damage”, and keep a careful watch on his face when he first sees the body. He seems genuinely shocked and disgusted. As they question him he says that he has been living at the Leaky Dingy and doesn’t know anything about the body. Alyndra senses that something feels off, but doesn’t know what.

Slade finally ends the interrogation of his friend and assures the party that the matter will be looked into. The party assures him the same thing.

By now it is nearing dark, and the party returns to the sewer. Alyndra disguises Josephine and the party sneaks her past the guards and out of the city. They tell Josephine all they can about the situation with Tomlin, and she thanks them and rewards them with a wand of ray of sickening. She also reluctantly parts with the dagger, as per the party’s agreement with her. She goes on her way, and the party returns to the Crafty Damsel to get food and sleep.

Trouble in the Bronslaw Flats
The heroes arrive in the city only to discover some of its many immediate problems.

Sunday & Oneday, 21st & 22nd of Waxsummer

The party of heroes – Cedric, Alyndra, Keela, and Senkara – arrive in the Bronslaw Flats, a low-class tenement and wharf district in the elven capital of Nova Dominium. As night begins to fall, the party tries to locate lodging for the evening, when the still night is shattered by a band of kobolds, who destroy a nearby monitor crystal and attack some townsfolk who had retired for the day. The party acts quickly, augmenting the efforts of the local city watchmen to rapidly dispatch the kobold attackers, leaving none alive. The watchmen request that the heroes see their commander, Slade Giffkin, about their weapons possession charges and possible debriefing for the incident.

The adventurers meet with Slade, who catches them up on the recent plague of kobold attacks, a problem magnified by how grotesquely under-funded and under-staffed the City Watch is. Slade believes that the attacks are coming from a single tribe holed up in the Bronslaw sewer system, and he offers to waive the adventurers’ weapons charges if they find the kobolds’ nest and destroy it, ending the threat. He provides the party with lodging in the barracks for the night, and gives the party a preemptive down payment of 750 sp for any gear or equipment they might need.

The party splits up to gather as many resources and as much information as they can to support their mission. Cedric and Keela purchase some alchemical gear from Wayne Mizzirelli, the local alchemist, who subsequently recruits them to bring him back a sample of brown mold from the sewers (which he needs for an air conditioning project he has been designing) in exchange for some useful equipment for tackling the kobolds. On a more dour note, when Alyndra and Senkara visit the Temple of the Dawn to buy some minor healing potions, Lumen Nalia informs them of a recent epidemic of filth fever that has infected many citizens of the Flats. By asking around, the heroes learn that many of the townsfolk were infected by a “young beggar,” who appeared in mist and had painfully chilly hands. More importantly, one of the first victims, Mrs. Parcella, admits to killing her daughter Mona through neglect and dumping her body into the sewers. With this new knowledge, the party and Lumen Nalia determine that Mona has likely risen as a drekavac, an evil spirit of pestilence derived from a child killed by disease, and has been preying on the townsfolk at night.

In an effort to find out more about this new threat, the party visits the Crafty Damsel, a new tavern establishment owned by a former adventurer, Marisa Montea. The sly and charming Marisa informs the heroes about what she knows of drekavacs from an adventuring buddy years back, namely that they spread disease through not only physical touch but the touch of their very shadow, and that children who die from their diseases risk rising as new drekavacs, but they are vulnerable to natural sunlight, silver weapons, remove curse and remove disease spells, and consecrated salt similar to holy water (drekavacs cannot cross a solid line of this salt). The party relays this information to Lumen Nalia, who has her clergy begin taking steps toward protecting the local coche and preparing some vials of holy salt, which should be ready the next day. She also promises to reward the party should they successfully eliminate the undead menace.

The party then follows up on the activity of the adventurers previously hired by Slade to handle the kobold problem the previous week. They begin by visiting Bronslaw Cemetery, where they find that the gravedigger Gervais is hiding his son, a member of the last party named Ethan Tripdirt. Ethan is a pesh addict, and took the sewer job to help pay off the Sawfish boys gang for his habit, but when his party was fatally ambushed by three fish-men when they tried to reroute some water from the control room, he fled the sewer and abandoned the job, hiding out to avoid the gang’s likely violent follow-up on him and his elderly father. Ethan tells the party that their fighter, Zeg, frequents the Leaky Dinghy tavern, and offers them a salve of slipperiness purchased for their original quest should they help him out of his jam.

At the Leaky Dinghy, the party finds Zeg, whom Cedric browbeats into telling them what he knows about the sewers. Zeg corroborates Ethan’s tale, but hints that Ethan may have more information about the kobolds than he let on, and informs the party about sites of a Sawfish lookout, a giant leech, and a kobold ambush on the sewer map, plus the control room where the fish-men attacked them and killed their wizard (Jensen) and healer (Lumen Kalía). The party also fortuitously gains some intelligence about the Sawfish boys gang from another patron of the tavern, a sleazy halfling pickpocket, who tells them that the gang leader, Nim Stillshore, frequents the Dinghy on Sundays, but otherwise hangs out with some gangsters at their hideout in an old customs office by the wharfs. The password for safe access is “Did you know a sawfish’s teeth are on his snout?”

With a sizable amount of information, the party returns to Slade to offer their services for a sting operation on the gang. Slade is on board, even offering to help the party register for formal adventurer status and subsequent weapons permits should they succeed, but refusing to provide illicit guard uniforms for the purposes of disguise. When asked about silver weapons for fighting a drekavac, Slade regretfully informs the party that the city watch does not keep silver weapons in stock, but Wayne Mizzirelli or Heinrich Coppergrin, the blacksmith, might. Wayne does sell jars of silversheen, but they are too expensive for the party’s funds, and the cranky dwarf smith offers to commission some silver weapons but admits that such a task would take a fair amount of time. The party learns via these sources that the best place to get silver weapons may have once been from the local silversmith, Josephine Trall, but she was recently convicted of witchcraft and escaped justice only a few days prior, taking her prized silversheen dagger with her. All three suspect that the witch resides in the sewers, but none know for certain.

Finally, as per Marisa’s invitation, the party returns to the Crafty Damsel to have a meal and spend the night. Marisa makes a compelling fiddle performance, which prompts Alyndra to unexpectedly outmatch Marisa’s skill on the instrument, earning the bard’s admiration, a free night at the inn, and a potential weekly performance gig for pay on Oneday nights. One of the barmaids even tells Alyndra about a possible performance by a famous elf singer in one week’s time. The rest of the party pays for their rooms, and they all decide to delve into the sewers the following Twosday morning.

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