Yvette Pontifex

Exotic wife of an illustrious Collegium professor


CN female elf aristocrat/sorcerer


Yvette Pontifex is a tall, exceedingly graceful elf with light skins and long, wavy black hair streaked with silver highlights. Her eyes are two different colors – one dark purple, one light green – which she credits to the same rare genetic disorder that bestowed her with the powers of sorcery, which is uncommon among elves. She dresses somewhat more impressively than her husband does, since she does not need to put on quite as many airs as he does to enact social reform, but still modestly compared to the highest echelons of the Silex Heights.

Yvette is the alluring wife of the popular Collegium professor, Ingeni Pontifex. She epitomizes the social ideal of elven femininity, and is the envy of nearly every elf maiden in Nova Dominium and beyond. Even her sorcerous powers and strangely colored eyes are seen as exotic and all the more enticing. Despite this high-profile appearance, however, Yvette typically remains in her villa, allowing her husband to have most of the limelight with his constant campaign for societal change. She is, however, often present at major social gatherings (especially when Ingeni is unable to attend himself), and she is just as well-received throughout the city as her husband is.

Yvette Pontifex

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