Tomos Laurame

Elderly gnome leader of a gypsy clan


CN old male gnome witch


Tomos Laurame, last surviving child of the Laurame clan patriarch, is a squat gnome with a full white beard. He frequently wears dusty brown overalls and a red conical hat, a fashion mirrored by many of his kin in their caravan. His familiar, a fluffy white barn owl named Pops, bears a striking resemblance to the old gnome.

Tomos suffered many losses throughout his life, most notably the deaths of his mother and two sisters at the hands of lynch mobs. Tomos credits his own survival to his strict adherence to the traditions set forth by his father, the namesake of his clan: he never challenges the mandates of the leadership wherever his caravan resides, never stays in one place for more than a week unless he has to, and (most importantly) never discusses the family religion or practices magic when even remotely near another settlement or organization. In fact, Tomos took Laurame’s traditions a step further by enacting his unusual gnomish dress code throughout the caravan, making the gypsies appear more like harmless traveling entertainers (or even simpletons) rather than a sect of star-worshipping heathens. No non-Laurames are welcome as permanent members of the caravan, and no Laurame is permitted to share the family’s nature with outsiders.

Tomos loves all of his extended family members within the caravan, who number at just short of one hundred, but his most beloved jewel is his young daughter Hollira, whom he named after his late mother. Their affection for one another is strained by Hollira’s desire for independence and Tomos’s need for conformity, but never to the point of being sundered.

Tomos Laurame

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