Tomlin Leiby

Experienced Bronslaw city watchman.


LN male human warrior


Tomlin Leiby is a thin but toned man of twenty-nine years and average height, with tangled brown hair and light blue eyes. His deep voice carries the authority of experience, capable of influencing even his superiors.

Tomlin has a five-year career serving the City Watch under Slade Giffkin‘s leadership, one of the longest concurrent periods of service on the dwindling force. As a result, most people in the Flats know his name (or at least his face), and his skill with a longsword is fairly well-respected. Slade often seeks Tomlin’s council on challenging matters of leadership, respecting Tomlin’s experience and service.

Recently, Tomlin was involved in the extraction team sent to arrest the witch Josephine Trall. In the ensuing struggle, Tomlin killed the witch’s goat familiar in an effort to weaken her. Never having confronted a magic-user before, Tomlin decided that he needed a break, and took a temporary leave of absence from the Watch to relax and reinforce his mental health. He has since been spending days walking along the cliffside shore by Southwatch Lighthouse and seeing performances at the Wharf Theatre, and nights drinking and sleeping at the Leaky Dinghy.

Tomlin’s mental health would have to wait, however, because shortly after he began his break, a mangled corpse drained of blood was discovered beneath the bed in his tenement flat. When questioned about the murder, Tomlin claimed he didn’t know who the victim was, and that he had been spending his nights at the Dinghy rather than at home (a fact later corroborated by several witnesses). Slade was initially suspicious, but yielded to his trust of his long-time friend and loyal employee, allowing Tomlin to return to his holiday while the body was returned to headquarters for autopsy. Since then, Tomlin has been staying at the Dinghy on Watch payroll while the crime at his flat is investigated.

Tomlin Leiby

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