Manager of the Silex Bestiary


CN female elf “druid”


Tigris is a slender elf with wavy brown hair and light brown eyes. She wears stylish black leather clothes that show off her physique but provide little actual protection from attacks. She is often accompanied by her pet hawk, Velos.

Tigris is the daughter of Immussilus, the master of the Silex Bestiary before he was tragically mauled to death while trying to capture a dire shark for a new exhibit. Tigris was reluctant to inherit her father’s project, preferring to interact with animals on a more casual basis, but when faced with the threat of the Bestiary closing down without proper management she stepped in for her late father. Luckily her gift for animal magic despite any formal druidic training (indeed, she tends to shun the company of other druids) and her remarkable head for numbers and marketing allowed the Bestiary to flourish under her leadership.

Tigris is strict and no-nonsense, seeking to make the Bestiary as efficient and administratively streamlined as possible so she can spend her time elsewhere. She maintains a robust staff of skilled zoo personnel, who undergo a rigorous interview process to verify their qualifications for handling live beasts without her constant supervision. Despite surrounding herself with noteworthy handlers, Tigris typically prefers to be alone, and does not go out of her way to be kind to her employees. Thus, her staff respects her magical talents and is loyal to the salaries she pays them, but they do not particularly like her.


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