Thevane Crispwillow

Jittery gnome who vends low-quality magic items


N female gnome wizard


Thevane is a somewhat stocky female gnome with pronounced eyebrows that match her dark blue eyes and hair. She wears baggy silken clothes to try and disguise her uncontrollable jittering (a side effect of a nearly deadly disease in her youth), and has an accommodating, docile nature.

Thevane is a “hedge wizard,” meaning she was intelligent enough to teach herself the arcane arts from whatever stray scrolls and abandoned spellbooks she could find. She has a passion for reading and learning about various crafts, seeing as her late father was a bookkeeper in the Hall of Heroes up north and her mother was a master tinker. When her parents died, Thevane moved south with the hopes of formally studying wizardry, but the Collegium’s high acceptance standards prohibited her from enrolling. Instead, she used her gifts to start a fringe business between Silex proper and the Flats, a shop that would appraise and pawn low-quality and low-value magic items.

Her humble shop is called “Crispwillow’s Cache of Charms and Curiosities;” it is a squat brick establishment with a high triangular roof (reminiscent of a pointed wizard’s hat) and a hanging wooden sign over the entrance flap. She keeps wondrous items on display in glass cases, and scrolls and potions in the back room where she sleeps. On a given day, the Cache has a 75% chance of having any scroll, potion, wand, or wondrous item worth 1,500 sp or less, which Thevane sells at base price, as well as a handful of other valuable magic items that change every week. Thevane can also buy any similar kind of magic item, spending up to 6,000 sp for it. Thevane can put in a special order for a magic item she does not have, up to her base price of 1,500 sp; to do this, she charges half price to submit the order, and the other half once the item arrives 1d4+3 days later. The Cache is closed on Satyrdays, which is when Thevane goes to the Library to read.

Special Cache Items

1 – 7 Wanesummer
- belt of mighty constitution + 2 (sells for 4,000 sp)
- bottle of air (sells for 7,250 sp)
- cloak of elvenkind (sells for 2,500 sp)
- dust of disappearance (sells for 3,500 sp)
- elemental gem (water; sells for 2,250 sp)
- volatile vaporizer (2nd; sells for 3,000 sp)
- wand of invisibility (CL 3, 31 charges, worth 2,790 sp/sells for 2,800 sp)
- wind fan (sells for 5,500 sp)
- + 1 bracers of armor (SR 13) (sells for 9,000 sp)
- goggles of night (sells for 12,000 sp)
- necklace of fireballs, type VII (sells for 8,700 sp)
- ring of minor cold resistance (sells for 12,000 sp)
- vermilion rhomboid ioun stone (+ 5 competence bonus to Acrobatics and Swim; sells for 10,000 sp)

Thevane Crispwillow

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