Tenorus the Singer

Graceful elf singer from the upper echelons of Nova Dominium.


CN male elf bard


Tenorus is a graceful and strikingly attractive elf who performs in the upper-class districts of Nova Dominium. His clothes are of the highest quality, and he communicates potent emotions with very small facial expressions.

Tenorus is a proud performer, but an impresario as well, and he loves to cultivate new talent whenever it blooms before him. He met Marisa Montea during one of her adventuring stints, where he became impressed with her performing abilities an turned her into one of his pet projects. He was offended at first when she refused his romantic advances, but this caused him to respect her even more, and the two become unlikely friends, a companionship he honors by periodically coming to sing at Marisa’s tavern despite its unseemly locale.

Tenorus the Singer

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