Skeever Snapjaw

Pickpocket and member of the Sawfish boys.


CN male halfling rogue


Skeever Snapjaw is a shifty halfling with squinty brown eyes and a smile that invariably turns into a sneer.

A well-known cutpurse and gang member, Skeever aggrandizes his reputation to those who will listen, except for those charged with upholding the law. He recently escaped from Bronslaw Prison and is not keen on returning there, so he will keep his actual mischief to a minimum until he thinks that Warden Treg Bjorn has forgotten about him. Skeever, like many of the Sawfish boys, is a misogynist, and frequently tries to take advantage of women when he doesn’t want to pay for a prostitute.

Skeever Snapjaw

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