Senator Pylos Lyrio

Magic item policymaker and House Lyrio patriarch


N middle-aged male elf aristocrat/wizard


Pylos Lyrio is a slim elf with thinning blonde hair and pronounced veins beneath his pale skin. He dresses is the most contemporary and expensive clothing styles, currently robe-like suits with long hanging panels of decorative designs, and is rarely seen without his black wooden staff, tipped with a rhomboid onyx.

Pylos is the second patriarch of House Lyrio, taking up the mantle after the death of his father, Gaius Lyrio. Despite Gaius’s prominent involvement with the Elven Conquest, Pylos saw little conflict during the war, instead studying magic and policy at the Collegium Magicum. Pylos’s education made him an ideal candidate for the Senate, and he was soon elected as policymaker for the creation, sale, and transport of magical items in Nova Dominium, a position he has held for close to a century.

Beyond his political life, Pylos reinforces the highest standards of elven culture within his house, setting the precedent for all other elven nobility. His tavern, The High Life, is a shining example of elven art, architecture, and cuisine, and his kin all adhere to elven customs. His centuries of bigoted education have given him something of a distaste for the “lesser anthromorphs,” particularly the members of House Drachmaa, whose financial strength seems to buy them access to high society undeservedly.

Senator Pylos Lyrio

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