Ricardo the Hunter

Dungeoneer who frequents the Crafty Damsel.


LN male human ranger


Ricardo is a lean man with a close-trimmed brown beard and a black tattoo of an arrowhead in the center of his forehead. He always carries a longbow to show his trade, even in public, although he otherwise abides by local weapons regulations.

Ricardo is a spelunker and hunter of monsters in the surrounding cliffsides, but he has never obtained clearance from the City Watch to hunt in the Bronslaw sewers (on account of his somewhat strange obsession with monster-hunting and their not wanting to take responsibility for for his likely-to-be short life). Thus, Ricardo has an abiding obsession with anything and anyone having to do with the sewers, researching the sewers extensively to sate his frustration with not being allowed to go down himself. He hunts in the wilderness most of the week, but visits the Crafty Damsel on Twosday nights. A DC 15 Diplomacy or Knowledge (local) check will lead inquirers to Ricardo’s flat in the Bronslaw tenements.

Ricardo the Hunter

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