Nim Stillshore

Leader of the Sawfish Boys gang.




Nim Stillshore was a brutal gang lord who led through intimidation and strength. Originally a miscreant from the North, he worked his way south to Nova Dominium after being systematically driven from numerous other settlements for his rowdy, violent behavior. Once he reached the Capitol, he quickly found his way into the underbelly of the Bronslaw Flats, garnering a reputation for his aggression from raucous nights at the Leaky Dinghy. This was how he recruited his first followers, a band of drinking buddies with rough tendencies but too cowardly to openly defy the law, who were impressed by Nim’s blatant willingness to cause trouble. When Nim was released from prison, he rounded up his cohort and hit the town, gradually becoming a bigger and bigger staple in the Flats’s criminal underworld by forcibly commandeering the city’s vein of imported pesh, an addictive hallucinogen common among adventurers. He gathered more and more followers, drawn to his promises of easy money and cheap pesh, and eventually his racket evolved into a gang known for drug trafficking and violent crime, colloquially known as the Sawfish boys gang after an early incident when Nim supposedly beat a fisherman into unconsciousness with his own prized sawfish catch.

Nim was a toned man of twenty-five years, his flesh scarred from his numerous altercations and his face permanently mangled with a repeatedly-broken nose and several wooden teeth. He enjoyed brutalizing his victims with his muscular fists, but would quickly turn to knives as soon as they showed resistance. He was also a misogynist, and would not deal with women as equals.

Nim’s violent influence over the Flats was put to an abrupt end on Friday, the 26th of Waxsummer, when Senkara Theodoard’s daggers ended his life during a sting operation gone wrong.

Nim Stillshore

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