Niall "Swordarm" Drachmaa

Gruff manager of the Hero's Forge


N male human fighter


Niall Drachmaa, known as “Swordarm” by those outside of his house, is a mid-height, extremely muscular man with curly brown hair that matches his eyes. He has a tattoo of a gold piece on the back of his left hand (his namesake sword arm), but aside from this he appears a picture of Silex Heights nobility: comfortable yet fashionable black clothes, several rings of various precious metals, and a decorative broadsword with an engraved blade embossed with silver.

Niall thrived on his father’s stories of how past generations of Drachmaas had to toil and slave under the heels of their elven masters, but their hard labor paid off when they were able to lift themselves up by their own bootstraps and rise to be the primary economic family in Nova Dominium. Despite his noble birth, Niall always had a love of swordplay and weaponsmithing, learning the arms trade inside and out. As a result, Capo fittingly assigned Niall to run the Hero’s Forge, the Drachmaa establishment for the forging, repairing, buying, and selling of magical arms and armor. From here, Niall keeps tabs on the city’s weapons market, constantly assessing and appraising new wares, and uses his spare time to craft his own steel.

Swordarm has any mundane, masterwork, or magical (75% chance) weapon worth 28,500 sp or less available for sale at any time, regardless of special materials and in addition to some special wares that change weekly (listed below). Additionally, Swordarm does some minor dealings with armor to augment his weapon sales, having mundane, masterwork, or magical (75% chance) armor and shields worth 7,200 sp available for sale at any time regardless of special materials. Special orders for specific weapons or armor follow the same rules as Thevane Crispwillow. Swordarm has an individual item purchase limit of 170,000 sp for weapons and 42,500 sp for armor.

Special Wares
1 – 7 Wanesummer

Niall "Swordarm" Drachmaa

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