Namira "Nami" Goldenscales

Mermaid companion of Alyndra Wavesong


On a summer day when the Alyndra was fourteen years old, she was practicing the fiddle on the large rocks that outlined the tide underneath the lighthouse. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the top half of a wet sandy-haired head with mint-green eyes peering up at her from the water. Curious to see what it was, Alyndra immediately ceased playing and slid down the rocks to investigate. The face’s eyes grew wide at the girl’s approach, and the creature bounded back into the water, but not before splashing a single scaled fin above the surface. The half-elf was immensely pleased. She had only heard about mermaids from the sailors that came through town, and she was beside herself with excitement at having found one. She returned to the same spot the next day, rested her chin on her fiddle and began to play another tune. Midway through the shanty, the same blonde head shyly peered over the ocean’s surface. Alyndra quelled her urge to leap down to get a better look and continued on with the song. She played for the mermaid for half an hour before lowering her bow. The moment she dared to step down to a lower rock, the mermaid disappeared beneath the waves once more.

Alyndra didn’t get discouraged, however. She returned to that spot under the lighthouse every day for weeks to practice. To her delight, the mermaid would almost always appear to enjoy a private concert. Though Alyndra had decided not to try to approach the girl anymore, she noticed that the gap between her and her audience-of-one got a little smaller and smaller each day. One day, when the mermaid dwelled maybe three feet from the lowest rocks, she began to hum along to Alyndra’s song. Three days after that, Alyndra arrived to find the mermaid sitting on the lower rocks, singing in Aquan. Alyndra sat down on some of the higher rocks, happy to be the one to enjoying a performance. At the conclusion of her final song, the mermaid looked up at Alyndra and smiled. Alyndra picked up her fiddle and stepped down to a lower rock. She began to play a simple song, which the mermaid began to sing with. The two performed as a lovely, albeit unusual duet as the sunset over the ocean.

Namira "Nami" Goldenscales

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