Myr Polonius Theodoard

Old elf ship captain past his prime


CN old male elf fighter/rogue


Myr Polonius Theodoard is a frail elf prone to shakes and fits of illness. His leathery hands and frizzled hair bely his seafaring past, but he can no longer walk without his cane, and the jewels he wears are faded and worn like his brown eyes.

In his youth, Polonius was captain of Scythe, one of the most famous ships in the elven navy. When an anti-elf force assembled a military fleet and sailed in secret against Nova Dominium, Polonius was the first to take action, single-handedly warding off the entire fleet until the elves could muster their devastating counterattack. For this impressive act of bravery and naval skill, he was awarded the title of Myrmidon and the myrname “Theodoard,” a native polyglot for “Sailor Above Men.”

Unfortunately, however, the attack devastated Polonius’s crew and ravaged Scythe, which after months of postponed restoration work eventually fell into disrepair. Polonius lived the high life of a myrmidon, building a modest but comfortable home overlooking the sea and even siring a child, Elpidius Theodoard, but soon the glory of his deed had passed, and he was left with a broken ship, a tattered crew, and no discernible income. Polonius worked several odd jobs, even frequenting the Bronslaw Flats for work in the shipyard, but could not support the lifestyle to which his wife had grown accustomed, so she left him. Eventually Elpidius also grew up and moved away, marrying a human girl and helping to found a sequestered town too far for Polonius to visit in his advanced age.

Today, Myr Polonius is seen as a pitiful shadow of his former self, a disgruntled old elf with nothing to do but wait until either his savings or his health fails him. Most of the other citizens of the Heights refer to him as “Once-Myr Polonius” or “the Reaper,” cruel twists on his past glory, which cuts the sad elf to the core. Recently, Myra Antigone Carsotes has also been trying to buy his humble home from him in an expansion effort for her library, but Polonius stubbornly refuses, clinging to the last thread of noble dignity he has left (since his son ceased contact and the carcass of his ship floats as a remnant of its old self just outside of Bronslaw Bay).

Myr Polonius Theodoard

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