Myr Capo Drachmaa

House Drachmaa patriarch


N middle-aged male human aristocrat


Myr Capo Drachmaa is a sturdy man with olive-toned skin and a crown of salt-&-pepper hair around his prominent bald spot. He wears stylish yet practical clothing and jewelry, favoring the color green for his house sigil and because it matches his dark green eyes. He usually sports a decorative weapon of some kind as well, to display his status.

Capo was nigh indistinguishable from him siblings and cousins growing up: they all reveled in tall tales of action and heroes, and they were all brought up with fierce loyalty to their house as it struggled to break the glass ceiling of the elven social hierarchy. Where Capo found his talents, however, was in business: Capo proved to be a master at moving money, investing in what would soon become successful enterprises, and establishing trade connections abroad. Unlike the elven houses, which favor pure bloodlines and filial inheritance, House Drachmaa selects its leaders by merit, so once Capo’s numerous business ventures and cunning economic ploys publicly earned him myrmidon status, his predecessor Morgan Drachmaa named him the house patriarch, with the unanimous support of his kin.

Capo is a diligent businessman and politician, but he never forgot the things that brought him joy as a youth, relishing stories of adventure and even taking fencing lessons later in his life. In a similar vein, he is particularly invested in dispelling his house’s historic reputation for kowtowing to more powerful individuals, which was indeed how the Drachmaas survived during the Elven Conquest. This is a constant sore spot for Capo, who is ashamed of his ancestors’ admttedly-necessary cowardice and infuriated by how readily his political and social rivals, the Lyrios, point it out to him. As a result, Capo always tries to present himself as more than just a high-tier merchant, often wearing spectacular mithral armor to social galas in lieu of a suit.

Given the tricks he has had to pull in order to play the market, Capo is also exceptionally open-minded for a nobleman (with the exception of his distaste for true elves), as proven by his willingness to grant house patronage and membership to all manner of colorful characters should they prove their value to the family, as was the case with his adopted niece, McClean Drachmaa.

Myr Capo Drachmaa

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