McClean Drachmaa

Manager and barkeep of the Harp and Thistle


N female human expert


McClean Drachmaa is a dark-skinned woman with dark, curly hair and a full bosom. She has a hot head and a short fuse, but lashes out with her biting tongue rather than with physical violence. She wears clothes made from fine materials but rolls and cuts them for comfort and personal style.

McClean is the illegitimate daughter of the late Mico Drachmaa and Sonya McClean, a clanswoman from the West. Sonya abandoned the city shortly after the birth, leaving the child in Mico’s care. Mico’s first instinct was to leave the child at an orphanage or coche in the Flats to avoid a scandal, but a strange sense of honor and responsibility led him to instead raise the child in his home, using her clan name as her first name to throw off the scent of her parentage. McClean’s strong, sassy personality grew on Mico, and eventually he staged a formal “adoption” to welcome her into the family, name and all. Ever since then, she has adopted many of the stereotypical Drachmaa characteristics, with her fiery temper an added bonus.

When McClean’s father died, house patriarch Capo entrusted the family tavern, the Harp and Thistle, to her care, seeing her unique character as a potential draw for the tavern’s ambiance.

McClean Drachmaa

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