Marisa Montea

Former adventurer and proprietor of the Crafty Damsel tavern.


CG female half-elf bard


Marisa Montea is an alluring half-elf fiddler with striking auburn hair and green vine tattoos all along her right arm. She typically wears flashy, form-fitting clothes designed to tease but not welcome admirers.

Marisa is the only daughter of Marcolio Montea, a middle-class elf explorer surnamed for scoping out a mountain on the Western continental border, and Peleny, a human woman whose ancestors fought for Bronslaw independence. Their family was surprisingly close for a mixed race unit, but Peleny’s human body simple couldn’t keep up with the aging patterns of her husband and daughter. Peleny died when Marisa was twenty-one, and Marisa’s father Marcolio seemed to withdraw deep into himself after his wife passed away. A few days later he bought a small sailboat and sailed south, never to be seen again. Now effectively orphaned, Marisa declared herself and adventurer and traveled across the continent, working in several different groups and experiencing numerous dangers and wonders throughout her journies, until she eventually returned to Nova Dominium to start her own tavern and inn.

Marisa is notoriously sly and coquettish, and many consider her to be the namesake of her own tavern. She has a kind heart, however, and is willing to let patrons temporarily work on her staff in exchange for residency. She only employs female staff full-time, however; most believe this is to enhance the ambiance of the tavern, but some think it is because the attractive half-elf has little interest in men. Marisa is enamored by the history and latent charms of the Bronslaw Flats, perhaps a leftover sentiment from her days as a registered adventurer.

Marisa Montea

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