Lumen Zaphkiel

Elf lumen of the Contego Populum


LG male elf cleric


Lumen Zaphkiel is a handsome elf with straight blonde hair and light brown eyes. His slender, boyish face sports a broad smile, indicative of his friendly nature and sense of humor. Zaphkiel’s decorative armor, while still graceful in design, actually bears some scratches and dents from the violence he has seen while hunting witches. He strikes out against blatant enemies of the True Light without hesitation, but he readily gives those he knows better the benefit of the doubt, preferring compromise or recompense to vengeance.

When his brother Patricio became a member of the Silex Aedis as a youth, Zaphkiel was quick to follow in his footsteps. Zaphkiel has always been a fervent admirer of his elder brother, eager to please and impress him. For this reason, Zaphkiel’s faith has mainly been keyed toward the sect of Saint Martin, the patron saint of family and community. When Patricio would communicate his concerns about the permeation of the faith throughout the city’s more agnostic elves, Zaphkiel began praying for an opportunity to relieve his brother’s worries.

Curiously, Zaphkiel’s prayers were answered with the advent of organized witch activity throughout Nova Dominium. When Aedis and Silex City Watch cooperatively began recruiting for a team of adventurers charged with unraveling the witches’ coven, led by the crusader Crixus, Zaphkiel eagerly volunteered for the opportunity to help rid the city of the heathens. Impressed by Zaphkiel’s skill with clerical magic and his enthusiasm, Crixus agreed to bring Zaphkiel along, making the young elf the newest member of the Contego Populum.

Patricio was initially skeptical about Zaphkiel’s decision, having a distaste for mercenary adventurers and fearing for his little brother’s safety. By the time Patricio formally voiced his complaints, however, Zaphkiel had been initiated into the party, and the starry-eyed cleric had become fast friends with the three veteran adventurers. The two had several heated debates about Zaphkiel’s participation in the Contego, particularly after the party’s first raid on a warlock’s house, when the spellcaster had enchanted the fearsome Gretl to attack Zaphkiel and severely damage his breastplate. Zaphkiel defended his choice and his companions, however, and still works alongside them to end the heretical threat.

Lumen Zaphkiel

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