Keela Mularan

Gnome witch passing as a sorceress.


Keela Mularan grew up in a small city in Iladia. Her parents, Granya and Amery, were arcane bloodline sorcerers, accepted within the city and well respected. They were the owners of a small magic shop, operated out of their house on the edge of the city. When Keela, their only child, was born with witch’s magic, they proved they were much more tolerant than many others, essentially saying that even though the magic was different than their own, it was still magic, and as such was worth cultivating. They kept her secret and let her learn her magic on her own. If anyone asked, they would say she was a sorcerer, but made no major fuss over her abilities. Like most gnomes, she loved animals, and constantly had at least one with her – namely, her thrush Perin, who in most instances would stand on her shoulder. Keela is not directly aware of who her patron is, but when her power made her feel particularly isolated she would go out into the night, beyond the edge of town and stare up at the sky, feeling comfort from it.

As she grew, Keela’s parents did a good job of keeping her secret, teaching her to be subtle, not tell of her power, and to be kind to many to prevent them from suspecting her of doing dangerous feats. She was taught to help others, but not at the expense of her own secret. She was well accepted by her peers, working within her parent’s shop for many years. However, around 10 years ago, rumors began to spread that there was witchcraft in the house. The blame was placed on Granya and Amery, as known magicians of power. The city quickly turned against them, refusing their business and avoiding them, causing the shop to shut down. Late one night, hearing the town coming en masse towards the house, they sent Keela out towards the woods, where she could be safe until they came for her. She escaped just in time to watch her house burn to the ground with her parents locked inside. With no one left to care for her, she ran with what few possessions she had and Perin, as always, on her shoulder.

As she traveled on her own, she remembered a small detail from her family’s past – her mother’s traveling brother, Tomos Laurame, and his daughter Hollira. Magic, namely sorcery, ran in the family, but Keela remembered hearing that Tomos and Hollira had magic like hers, and had managed to find a home with little danger far to the south. Where they were, she had no notion, but she hoped to find what was left of her family where she could live without fear.

Keela Mularan

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