Draconic former leader of the Wetfang tribe.


CE male very young black dragon


Jythrix was raised by the kobolds from an egg (which had been dropped into the sewers by a thief who stole it from a curio dealer’s ship), and was treated as a living god by the kobolds for just over a decade. This comfortable lifestyle led the opportunistic dragon to keep a low profile from the surface, content to receive tribute and adoration from his underlings and hunt around the sewer. That is, until the tribe’s shaman, Dulreep, declared himself “the Prophet of the Blackscale” (an enigmatic sea demon of some variety), and challenged the dragon for leadership of the tribe. Jythrix initially had the tribe’s support, so he toyed with the upstart sorcerer, but he was caught by surprise when a band of fish-men emerged from the ocean to subdue him at Dulreep’s command. Dulreep spared the dragon’s life, in honor of his noble blood, but condemned him to imprisonment for keeping the tribe in the filth of the sewers when their destiny awaited them on the surface. The tribe immediately turned its back on Jythrix, and he became a prisoner in his own domain.

This setback ended, however, when a rush of sewage was rerouted into the levy. The sudden flood obliterated the tribe, including the elite warriors assigned to guard his cage, but his immunity to the acids in the sewage and ability to breathe water spared him and allowed him to escape his bonds. Knowing that the water would not stop the fish-men, he fled to the fungus farm to hide. Since his escape, he has been plotting revenge against the remaining kobolds, feeding on the drowned corpses to develop a taste for their flesh before he attacks.

Jythrix was a petulant dragon whose defining character traits were his opportunism and ability to hold a grudge. Hungry for revenge and embittered by the humiliating loss of his prior lifestyle, he sought to kill Dulreep, his fish-men, and all the remaining kobolds before rebuilding his domain in the newly-cleansed levy. His bloodlust was preemptively cut short by a band of adventurers, who killed him while he was hiding.


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