Josephine Trall

Dwarf silversmith persecuted for witchcraft.


LG female dwarf witch


Josephine Trall is an almost poetically ugly she-dwarf, her face dotted with warts and her yellowed teeth crooked and pointed. Her ropey arms are layered with black hair, more than consistently grows from her scalp.

Despite this horrific appearance, however, Josephine is actually a kind-hearted, docile creature. A well-trained silversmith, she made her way to Nova Dominium to practice her craft, settling in Crafter’s Square in the Flats because most of the higher-class districts cast her out. She made a modest living, even experimenting with some alchemical silvers, and content to make friends with passing cats and dogs rather than the more judgmental humanoids.

Eventually, however, the animals Josephine befriended made their way to Court Park, where they informed the local druid circle of the pleasant dwarf who would talk with them and give them sweets. The suspicious druids investigated her shop and witnessed her ability to talk with animals, and accused her of being a witch. The public responded almost immediately, throwing Josephine’s crafts that she had made back through her windows and scrawling hateful graffiti on her walls. Eventually the City Watch moved to arrest Josephine for witchcraft, and in the ensuing struggle the soldiers killed her goat familiar, Grace. Josephine awaited trial in prison for two days, but when she was being led to court a pack of her canine friends distracted the guards and helped her to escape into the sewers with all she had left.

Josephine had been hiding there ever since, fending off the hostile denizens of the sewers in her struggle for survival. That is, until fellow witch Keela Mularan and her adventuring companions found her and befriended her, seeking her aid in obtaining a silver weapon to use against a drekavac. Josephine was unwilling to part with her silversheen dagger, which represented both the pinnacle of her silversmithing career and her primary means of defense against the monsters of the sewers, but agreed to part with it if the adventurers could successfully help her to escape the city. By disguising Josephine as a male dwarf and distracting the gate guards while she passed through the Bronslaw Gate under cover of darkness, the witch’s new allies helped her out of the city, so Josephine agreed to give them her prized dagger. The party also provided some follow-up information on Tomlin Leiby, the guard who killed Josephine’s last familiar, so she gave Keela her wand of ray of sickening in thanks before heading north.

Josephine Trall

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