Irwin McKennitt

Beastmaster at the Silex Bestiary


CN male human ranger


Irwin McKennitt is a bald, black-skinned human who wears all manner of animal pelts (complete with tooth and bone jewelry) as his personal style. He has two gold canine teeth that he likes to flash with his broad smile.

Irwin hails from the McKennitt tribe, a family of hunters and handlers from further west of Aetheron. His ancestors traveled east while chasing a reputable quarry, where they were captured and enslaved by the conquering elves, but the family survived thanks to their skill with the local wildlife. The family line held strong until the McKennitts regained their freedom at the dawn of the new age, and continues to this day.

Irwin, like all McKennitts, has a love for hunting and a passion for fauna, and was raised in the McKennitt tradition of wilderness survival. His background and skill made him an ideal candidate for Beastmaster in the Silex Bestiary: normally Irwin would have avoided a job that would confine him to city life, but the opportunity to engage in specialized and well-funded hunts and to work with exotic creatures on a daily basis proved too tempting for him. His responsibilities include tending to the more dangerous specimens, organizing and leading hunts for new exhibits, and training new recruits.

Irwin’s background as a hunter and tracker have caused him to develop something of a dark sense of humor, reveling in the threat of death and finding delight in how he and others respond to the hazards of the wild. As a result, most people in the Heights find him strange, if not openly offensive. Irwin is fascinated by his boss, Tigris, and her mysterious way with animals, but doesn’t appreciate how she treats him like a stooge.

Irwin McKennitt

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