Ingeni Pontifex

Professor of civil liberties and social justice at the Collegium Magicum


CG male elf wizard


Ingeni Pontifex is a slender elf with slick black hair and dark gray eyes. His eyes are creased by smile lines, indicative of his jovial and spirited nature. For an elf of his social standing, Ingeni dresses very modestly, favoring solid colored tunics and breeches with few of the extra frills favored by the city’s aristocracy.

One of the youngest professors at the Collegium Magicum, Ingeni rose very rapidly through the ranks of Nova Dominium‘s educated elite by making compelling arguments for unpopular opinions. An avid sociologist and historian, Ingeni’s collegiate thesis examined the preexisting societal norms of the native cultures on Aetheron that allowed the elves to establish and maintain their dominance until the Third Descent, but not after the giants were repelled. He uses his knowledge and radical forward thinking to identify problems still present in the elf-dominant regions of southern Aetheron, as well as to brainstorm potential solutions to those problems. Ingeni’s progressive mindset and his charming personality has earned him many friends and followers throughout the Silex Heights; his civil liberties discussion class is one of the most popular courses at the Collegium.

Outside of his strong rapport as a professor and advocate for social reform, Ingeni lives a very humble lifestyle for a Collegium employee. He and his exotic wife, Yvette, live comfortably in a villa just off of the Collegium campus, along with their servant and handmaiden, a half-elf named Isolde. Ingeni is even known to frequent the shops of the Bronslaw Flats from time to time, mingling with the slum folk as readily as with the Silex upper echelon.

Ingeni Pontifex

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