Elf woodcutter turned infiltrator and witch-hunter


LN male elf rogue


Horatio is a relatively stocky elf with dark brown eyes and hair, which he keeps tied back in a knobby ponytail. His clothes and hands are somewhat more worn than a normal elf’s, indicative of his humble upbringing and trade. He wears a small wooden cross of the True Light, which he carved himself. Horatio rarely uses a sentence when a word will do.

Horatio was born and raised near the northern border of Romaria, in a logging village only a few miles away from the great land bridge. The elves who founded the village were lower-class elves driven north by their more severely elitist kin, but they made modest livings as woodcutters and lumberjacks. Horatio’s family put a little more stock in the True Light than most of the neighbors, but they largely kept their beliefs to themselves.

That is, until the village became plagued by a woodland witch, who felt that the loggers were encroaching on her territory. Soon the elves’ gardens and livestock were blighted and wild animals began ransacking their camps. The others turned to Horatio and his family for spiritual guidance, but for once the devout elves were at a loss, with seemingly no means of stopping the fell magician. Finally, when Horatio’s mother fell ill from one of the witch’s contagions, he strode into the woods to challenge her.

Unexpectedly, Horatio’s silent prayers for aid and strength were answered, for as he snuck into the witch’s camp he was soon joined by a confident elf from the south – a witch-hunter named Crixus, who had heard about the village’s plight, come to town, inquired after Horatio and the witch, and followed the nervous woodcutter to the heathen’s home. Together, they double-teamed the spellcaster and laid her low, restoring peace to the village. The other townsfolk were content to thank Crixus for his help and let him continue his crusade alone, but Horatio felt indebted to the inquisitor for his timely arrival and service to the true Faith; therefore, he bid his parents goodbye, packed some basic belongings, and caught up with Crixus as he departed. The two have been companions ever since.


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