Hollira Laurame

Cosmopolitan daughter of a gypsy patriarch


CG female gnome rogue


Hollira Laurame is a toned she-gnome with strawberry blonde hair that lies in a well kept tussle atop her head. Her skin is bronzed from a life of travel, and her light green eyes are frequently accented by dark makeup. She dresses in sharp contrast to the other gnomes in her caravan, favoring sleek leather clothes studded with polished steel.

Hollira is the only daughter of Tomos Laurame, leader of the remaining sect of the Laurame gypsy clan. Hollira knows she is Tomos’s most beloved relative, which she uses to get away with almost anything, indicative of her rebellious spirit. Sometimes the two get into prolonged spats when Hollira’s behavior threatens to expose the caravan (or at least get them in legal trouble when she helps herself to the valuables of a host community), but they both know that such disagreements are only temporary and arise from a shared love for the whole family. Indeed, for all of her mischief-making, Hollira is undoubtedly the most well equipped Laurame for handling diplomatic relations with potential host communities who may otherwise be put off by the caravan’s bizarre appearance and behavior.

Hollira Laurame

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