Brutal half-elf swordswoman and witch-slayer


CN female half-elf barbarian 5


Gretl is a tall, muscular half-elf with blue eyes and long blonde hair that she keeps tied in a tight braid. Her arms are lined with battle scars and she proudly sports a straight, single-edged greatsword, clearly of dwarven make. She is gruff and brash, with a quick temper that is placated only by her admittedly simple sense of humor.

Gretl was abandoned by her biological parents, left on a random doorstep in a humble trading hamlet in eastern central Romaria. Fortunately for her, the doorstep belonged to Trom and Glina Svental, a dwarven couple that had been trying to start a family for months. The dwarves happily adopted the mongrel infant and raised her as one of their own. As a result, Gretl learned dwarven customs and habits, including Glina’s spartan survival skills and Trom’s vicious, two-handed weapon fighting style.

Gretl’s happy life, however, was soon compromised when the hamlet fell victim to the depredations of a green hag, who would attack from her small pond up the river and wreak havoc on the modest villagers. When the hag robbed Gretl’s surrogate mother of her life, the enraged half-elf stormed up the riverbank to seek her revenge. Along the way, however, she chanced upon two unusual travelers: Crixus and Horatio, elven witch-hunters from the countryside. Gretl relayed her sad tale to the two elves, enamored by their like appearance to herself and their devotion to slaying hags and witches, and the three joined forces and faced the hag together. It was a brutal battle, but the three adventurers emerged victorious, and the hamlet was saved.

That evening, when Crixus announced his plans to move on, Gretl decided that she should go with them. The experience of ridding the world of the hag’s evil resonated strongly with Gretl, in addition to the fact that Gretl had developed a visible (albiet one-sided) infatuation with the elf inquisitor, which persists to this day. Gretl had also became interested in elf language and culture, abandoning her adopted parents’ surname in favor of earning a new one as per the elven custom, and expressing interest in finally finding her true parents. Trom understood his daughter’s decision, and gave her his trusty sword as a constant reminder of her dwarven home, guardians, and spirit. Ever since that day, Gretl has been one of Crixus’s most loyal and fearsome comrades.


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