Local brewer brutalized by the Sawfish boys


LN middle-aged male human expert


Grayson is a healthy but thin man with wispy brown hair and a curly beard. He has a wife and teenage son, both of whom live in his brewery by the docks.

Grayson is an honest businessman, so when the Sawfish boys approached him about using his ales as a conduit for transporting drugs to the rest of Nova Dominium, he refused. As a result, the gangsters kidnapped him and stored him in the basement of the old customs office, where Nim Stillshore aggressively tried to get him to change his mind. He was kept there for three days until the office was raided during a botched sting operation, during which Nim tried to use Grayson’s life as collateral for escape. This threat was foiled by Alyndra Wavesong‘s fascinating performance combined with Cedric Caratacos and Senkara Theodoard’s agility. Grayson was returned to his family that same evening.

Grayson’s luck seemingly expanded even further when he was asked to prepare the holy seasong mead for that season’s Bronslaw Olympics. Unfortunately, Grayson’s brew was spiked with Night Terror by agents of the Faith of the Weeping Father, who also exposed the brewer to a concentrated dose of the deadly poison. Grayson died of from the toxin’s synthetic fright the day after the games concluded.


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