Franco the Tailor

Local tailor who frequents the Crafty Damsel


NG male human expert


Franco is a plain-looking man with blue eyes and simple black and white clothes. The one exception to this is his favorite suit – a snappy brown tweed design he made himself – which he only wears on Foursday nights for his trips to the Crafty Damsel.

Franco is a romantic and an upstanding gentleman, but few people know this because he is so shy. He rarely starts conversations with anyone, especially not attractive women. This all changed, however, when some strangers unexpectedly set him up with the girl of his dreams, Myrtle.

Tragically, however, Franco had taken his beloved lady friend to the last day of the Bronslaw Olympics, thus inadvertently subjecting them both to the Night Terror scandal perpetrated by the Faith of the Weeping Father. After a week of increasingly severe nightmares, Myrtle left for the shore to convert and save herself, where she was violently and fatally apprehended by a mob of panicked civilians. Overcome with grief over Myrtle’s death and terror from the effects of the accursed poison, Franco hung himself in his workshop. He was buried at the Bronslaw Cemetery the next day.

Franco the Tailor

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