Elpidius Theodoard

Modest elf accountant with a scattered family


LN male elf expert


Elpidius Theodoard is an elf of average height and slight frame, with short black hair and blue eyes magnified by round spectacles. His face is often stoic, but it breaks into a faint, warm smile when Elpidius is overjoyed.

Elpidius is the son of the once-famous myrmidon, Polonius Theodoard. Elpidius reaped the social benefits of his father’s rank and reputation, attending some of the finest schools and most cultured events that the Silex Heights had to offer. He was a solid student, excelling in mathematics and social studies, but he never grasped the complexities of magic, barring him from higher education at the Collegium Magicum. Around the time of his graduation, Polonius’s social momentum had begun to wane, and the old elf was becoming increasingly miserable and unpopular, so Elpidius began supporting his father financially by working various accounting jobs. The work wasn’t glamorous, but it was stable and comfortable.

Over the course of his professional development, Elpidius became acquainted with a charismatic and intelligent elf named Abnego. The two started out as casual drinking buddies, but eventually blossomed into full friends. When Abnego announced his intent to found a small trading community north of Nova Dominium that would be a haven of equality for humans, elves, and everything in between, Elpidius offered his support, and moved to the town of Woodhaven once it had been properly established. Elpidius continued to send money home to his now ailing father, but since Abnego had promoted him to town treasurer he could rarely afford the time to visit Polonius in the Heights.

While working in Woodhaven, Elpidius met a charming human named Mira, a name that reminded Elpidius of his father’s former glory. The two began a cautious friendship, but in a matter of months they had fallen in love, and were married under Woodhaven law. Together they bore four children: Jandial, Selefris, Senkara, and Alserynth Theodoard.

The family lived happily and comfortably until Alserynth was just preparing to start her schooling. At this time, the once progressive and amiable Abnego had turned dour and spiteful, and began stirring up aggression between the elves and humans of the town. Abnego claimed to still want Elpidius’s support and companionship, but his behavior toward his old friend became tainted by jealousy and anger, for Elpidius had achieved what Abnego had not: a stable, mixed-race family with a woman he loved. Abnego became more and more aggressive toward Elpidius and his family, culminating when he conscripted Elpidius into his increasingly-violent regime on pain of harm to Mira or the children. Shortly after Elpidius submitted to Abnego’s intimidation, race riots began breaking out in the streets of Woodhaven, and Mira fled the town with her children. Elpidius never saw them again.

Now, Elpidius forcibly works as the executive of commerce in the town now known as Praestan. The jealous and paranoid Abnego keeps Elpidius under constant house arrest in his office, which he claims is for his friend’s own benefit but is really Abnego’s cruel way of punishing Elpidius for ever having lived the life that Abnego so desperately wanted.

Elpidius Theodoard

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