Wetfang shaman and "Prophet of the Blackscale"


LE male kobold sorcerer


A noticeably scrawny and frail kobold, Dulreep functioned as the Wetfang tribe’s shaman for several years. Despite his significant arcane power, Dulreep was constantly subjected to the threats and jeers of Jythrix, the tribe’s de facto leader given the kobolds’ furious devotion to dragonkind. While most kobolds would have gladly accepted this fate just for the honor of serving a true dragon, Dulreep resented this humiliating treatment, feeling little kinship to the lazy and sneaky dragon. With no means of changing the social order without invoking the wrath of the tribe and the dragon, however, Dulreep was stuck, and tamed his desire for freedom and greatness with many long swims in offshore.

Until one fateful day when the shaman received a vision. A mighty creature of the deep, with scales darker even than Jythrix’s, called out to Dulreep’s thoughts. The creature claimed to be an ancient ocean god, who had been watching the shaman and the other kobolds suffer for some time beneath the heel of the black dragon. The creature offered Dulreep help, sending forth servants from the depths to aid in a revolt, if Dulreep used the newly cowed kobolds to fulfill their destiny by conquering the sewers and eventually the surface city.

Manic with this new opportunity, Dulreep returned to the tribe and relayed his vision, charging the dragon with impeding the tribe’s destiny of greatness and challenging Jythrix for leadership of the tribe. The dragon was bemused at first, taunting the kobold to demonstrate the power of his new “fish god,” prompting the emergence of several skum, who subdued the dragon and cowed the rest of the tribe on Dulreep’s behalf. The charismatic shaman then quickly converted the kobolds’ terror into bloodlust and ambition, promising power enough to overthrow the soft-skinned surface folk and claim the whole city in the name of “the Blackscale.”

Thus began the Wetfang tribe’s terrorist campaign against Nova Dominium, specifically the sewers of the Flats. The kobolds quickly elevated their status from a mild nuisance to a genuine threat, especially considering Dulreep’s mighty skum allies. Dulreep re-carved Jythrix’s makeshift stone throne into an idol of the Blackscale, and imprisoned the dragon in the main cistern as a constant reminder of the sea’s superiority over the old bloodline, keeping the dragon alive (though shamed) so long as it didn’t attempt to escape. It wasn’t until the tribe’s home was flooded with rerouted sewage and Dulreep defeated by mercenary adventurers that the tribe ceased to be a hazard.


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