Arena star and regular at the Crafty Damsel.


CN male human barbarian


Drevitt is a burly human standing six feet tall, with a large birthmark on the left side of his cheek. His cotton jerkins often stretch thin over his muscular frame.

Drevitt is something of a flirt, but does so harmlessly and has little respect for true womanizers. For this reason, he and Marisa Montea have a mutual respect that borders on friendship, with Marisa even inviting him to partake in arm-wrestling every Twosday night at the Crafty Damsel during the arena’s off season (which has been prolonged given the Flats’s inability to financially maintain the arena for an entire year).

After a vicious brawl at the Damsel on Twosday, the 23rd of Waxsummer, involving a band of Sawfish thugs and the arena star, Drevitt was badly injured trying to defend his favorite tavern from vandalism. He is currently recovering in the sick ward at the Temple of the Dawn.


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