Dovar & Ylia Parcella

Neglectful parents plagued by the spirit of their deceased child.


N male & female human commoners


Mr. & Mrs. Parcella were regretfully neglectful of their young daughter, Mona. When Mona contracted filth fever from a sewer rat and her parents failed to administer the antiplague necessary to cure her, she died a slow and painful death at the hands of the disease. Distraught by their actions, the parents panicked and dumped Mona’s body into the sewers before claiming that she had gone missing. That night, Mona rose from the dead as a drekavac, and visited her parents’ home to bestow upon them the same disease that had taken her life. Mr. Parcella soon died of the affliction, while Mrs. Parcella was torn apart by both the ravaging illness, the loss of her husband, and the guilt she felt for both killing her child and inflicting its undead spirit upon the Flats.

Dovar & Ylia Parcella

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