Vigilante witch-hunter and leader of the Contego Populum


LN male elf inquisitor


Crixus is a dark-haired elf with steely grey eyes and a small scar on his jaw just below his left ear. He stands with immaculate posture, and each of his movements, even the minor ones, is a deliberate act. Despite this intimidating presence, he is actually quite sociable, particularly due to his ability to hold his liquor.

Crixus was born into the Silex Aedis, coming from one of the earliest elf families to convert to the Faith of the True Light. Crixus’s parents were zealous worshipers, and they indoctrinated him into their almost feverish beliefs. Crixus firmly holds that all humanoids are touched by the Light, except for those heretics who willingly turn from the Light to seek solace in darker powers. Such heathens, Crixus believes, are fit only for extermination, lest they lead more naive souls astray.

For this reason, Crixus devoted his life to hunting and exterminating those who consort with supernatural forces: witches. He saw little activity in the city, so he expanded his efforts to the surrounding countryside and fringe settlements, rooting out covens and cults wherever he could find them. His stirring rhetoric and successful efforts to cleanse the countryside of evil earned Crixus a handful of allies: Horatio, a former woodcutter with a knack for stealth, and Gretl, a half-elf warrior raised by dwarves. These short-term allies gradually became long-term friends and companions in battle, specialized for the purpose of exterminating wishes.

When word of a witch problem in Nova Dominium reached Crixus’s ear, however, he rushed back to the Aedis to offer his services, as well as that of his comrades, to the cause of routing the enemy. The church agreed on the condition that Crixus accept one of their own faithful into his group, formalizing its participation in resolving the situation. The party selected the enthusiastic Lumen Zaphkiel, who rapidly bonded and became one of the team, which the church had dubbed “the Contego Populum,” or “shield of the people” in Elven.


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