Cedric Caratacos

Polearm-savvy son of a Myrmidon who loves oranges.


Cedric was born from a night of passion between a charming sailor and Milana, the daughter of a lesser noble house. Milana discovered her pregnancy shortly after her lover sailed away, and was terrified that the court would discover her bastard son. She feigned illness, planning to have the child in secret and dispose of it before anyone learned of her affair. Shortly before giving birth, however, her lover returned with the intent to win her hand in marriage. Furious about her humiliating situation, Milana spurned his proposal and vowed to be rid of him and his bastard once and for all. Shocked to learn that she was with child (and that she planned to destroy the product of their love), the sailor conspired with Milana’s midwife to save the baby. After giving birth, Milana left the child in the woods to die, but the sailor found the boy and spirited him away.

Unlike most men, this sailor, Brython Caratacos, did not treat his bastard with scorn. He gave the boy his surname, and cared for the child with unwavering affection. Brython raised Cedric aboard the Razor Wind, a mercenary galley that escorted merchant vessels along trade routes, and taught him how to be a great sailor. Cedric grew to adore his father, constantly striving to live up to his example.

When Cedric was still young, a vicious gale blew the Razor Wind off course, where it landed on an uncharted pair of densely forested islands. The captain, Cam, ordered two of his sailors to investigate the island – they never returned. Rather than starting a manhunt, however, Cam continued to send one or two men into the forest, never to be seen again. Brython and Cedric became suspicious, and with some secretive exploration they found that the islands were infested with monsters controlled by a trio of sea hags. The hags had been ambushing ships along a nearby trade route for years, kidnapping sailors and committing unspeakable atrocities upon them. Furthermore, the coven had charmed Cam, ordering him to send his forces into the forest piecemeal so the hags could have their way with the hapless victims.

Brython devised a plan, tricking Cam into thinking that they had found some ancient artifact on the island. When Cam reported back to the hags, they became intrigued and investigated, allowing Brython to expose them to the crew and attack. Despite Brython’s best efforts to keep Cedric away from the ensuing battle, the young boy witnessed the carnage and the depravity of the hags, a memory he carries to this day. Ever since that battle Cedric has maintained a deep hatred of hags (particularly sea hags). Cam’s life was lost in the fray, and the Razor Wind was damaged, leaving the remaining crew convinced that they were doomed.

Brython, however, refused to despair. He lifted the spirits of the crew, set up perimeters to protect the survivors from wild beasts, and oversaw the ship’s reconstruction. Furthermore, Brython and Cedric discovered that the islands held the perfect climate and environment for growing a previously unknown crop: a tart, juicy fruit with a bright orange rind. These wild “oranges” were used to feed the sailors long enough to repair the galley, at which point Brython was named the new captain. He successfully established a new course and sailed the Razor Wind back to safe harbor.

Stories of Brython’s cunning triumph over the hags, resourcefulness in repairing the galley, and discovery of an exotic (and immediately popular) fruit spread like wildfire. He was soon inducted into the ranks of the Myrmidons, made the official captain of the Razor Wind, and named the lord of the Camland Isle colonies (Brython named the islands after his late friend and captain). He oversaw the construction of settlements on the two isles, and worked to develop a safe shipping lane so oranges could be brought to the mainland. Brython became a wealthy and respected leader, and Cedric reached adulthood living in the colonies with his father. Being raised on the Camland Isles, Cedric developed a strong taste for oranges, and will eat them whenever possible.

Cedric flourished under his father’s guidance, but all was not perfect in the Camland Isle colonies. After one trip to the mainland, Brython returned with a young girl named Camilla. Camilla was Cam’s orphan daughter, and Brython believed he owed it to his deceased friend to raise her as his own. Camilla, however, was notoriously cunning, and quickly became rivals with Cedric. The two were constantly in competition, and Camilla, being a sore loser, would often sabotage Cedric whenever she was bested.

Eventually Cedric and Camilla reached adulthood, and Brython reached the end of his life. The two were both written into his will, but the one who would inherit the Myrmidon’s most prized treasure – the Razor Wind – remained a mystery. When Brython lay on his deathbed, Cedric stayed by his side while Camilla managed his affairs. The captain’s last wish was that the Razor Wind be passed on to his beloved son. While Cedric mourned his father, however, a courier told him that the ship had sailed away without him. Cedric knew his adopted sister was behind the disappearance. He has since set off to scour the seas in search of Camilla and his rightful inheritance.

Cedric Caratacos

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