Carver Lyst

Lighthouse manager convicted of killing a guard.


N male human barbarian


Carver Lyst is a well-toned former sailor, with a shaved head and a scar across the left side of his mouth. His wife Teya is a petite blonde woman who loves green dresses, and his daughter Isabel is a 9-year-old blonde girl with a broad smile.

Carver is a simple man who enjoys company, but recently underwent a traumatic experience. When he went to visit his friend Jerome, a city watchman, in his flat, he found Jerome freshly killed by some kind of amorphous monster, who was sucking the blood from Jerome’s wounds. Upon discovery, the monster squeezed through a window much too small for Carver, or any other human for that matter, and escaped. The next day, however, Carver saw Jerome patrolling the same tenement district. Knowing that this Jerome was an imposter, the impulsive Carver assaulted him, which led to a chase back to Jerome’s flat and the city watch leaping to the wrong conclusion that Carver had brutally murdered his friend. He was imprisoned, but escaped soon after thanks to a distraction created by an escaping witch. Ever since he has been hiding out at the top of his lighthouse, protected by his loyal wife and daughter.

Recently, both of the Lyst parents were found dead, hanging from the rafters at the top of their own lighthouse. Teya had been replaced by one Sola Cabaniss, sister of Senia Cabaniss, disguised to look like Teya. Isabel’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Carver Lyst

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