"Lord of the Sewers"


N otyugh


Blooroath is a large otyugh who has constructed a domain in the primary waste export channel of the Bronslaw sewer system. The otyugh has wallowed in its domain for decades, and since its presence helps to keep the flow of sewage regular and uninterrupted, few Bronslaw workers have needed (or wanted) to snoop around where the creature lives. This, combined with the fact that no native sewer creature has proven enough of a threat to challenge its rule, inspired Blooroath to proclaim itself “lord of the sewers,” under the belief that “lord” meant someone that no one is allowed to visit. Blooroath relishes in its solitude and viciously repels interlopers from its domain, most notably Wetfang kobolds and the wererat Strivv, who sometimes scavenge for gear in Blooroath’s massive mound of garbage.

Blooroath’s limited intelligence and linguistic skills manifest as several distinct communication defects: the otyugh speaks only in the future tense (e.g. – “will do something,” even if it has already happened), does not use any pronoun other than “it,” refers to objects by their function and general description rather than actual names (such as “stabbing pole” rather than “spear” or “ranseur”), uses the word “false” to denote anything in the negative, and uses the adjective “most noble” to indicate anything valuable or interesting to it.

In a most curious series of events, Blooroath recently relocated to the Silex Bestiary as a new exhibit, thanks to the efforts of four adventurers.


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