Beacon Patricio

Executive clergyelf of the Silex Aedis


N male elf cleric


Beacon Patricio (“beacon” being the next tier in the True Light hierarchy above “lumen”) is a short elf with long blonde hair, excepting one strand of green that he dyes regularly so that it matches his eyes. He works as a major financial officer for the Silex Aedis, a job that earned him his high office in the temple. Patricio wears decorative armor during the work day, but quickly changes into standard dress clothes once his daily service time is spent before retiring to the High Life for the evening hours, where he is nigh indistinguishable as a holy elf. He is the elder brother of the presently-famous witch hunter, Lumen Zaphkiel.

Patricio has little patience for those not already engrained in high society, including most adventurers. As a result, Patricio has mixed feelings about his brother’s involvement in the Contego Populum: he respects and appreciates his brother’s service to the city and to the Faith, but fears for Zaphkiel’s safety and reputation, not to mention his open distaste for the other members of Zaphkiel’s party (who Patricio sees as overly aggressive and reckless). He cares very deeply for Zaphkiel, who leapt to join the Contego in an attempt to equal Patricio’s service to the church and impress his elder brother, a decision for which Patricio feels partly responsible. Patricio is equal parts priest and businessman, and approaches problems with both a practical head and a devout heart.

Beacon Patricio

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