Atalanta Lyrio

Beloved star of House Lyrio


N female elf aristocrat


Atalanta Lyrio is a slender yet shapely elf with large, light brown eyes like those of a doe. She has a long tapestry of bright golden hair, perpetually wavy from the numerous different buns, ties, and weaves her handmaidens create with it. She is only seen in the most luxurious and expensive elven gowns, a model for elven noblewomen throughout Nova Dominium.

The only child of house patriarch Pylos, Atalanta is the prized maiden of House Lyrio. She was raised comfortably in the classic elven tradition, being privately schooled in etiquette, domestic maintenance, and even some elementary magic. Despite her humble demeanor, Atalanta proved to be a rapid and active learner, and she is quite capable of demonstrating her intelligence and schooling in polite conversation. This intimidates or repels many prospective candidates for marriage, but Pylos doesn’t seem to mind; he would only even consider the very best for his daughter, regardless of social standing or relative wealth.

Atalanta always does her best to be modest and graceful among company, eager to please her illustrious father to whom she owes so much. She rarely speaks out of turn or pushes the boundaries of her place in society for fear of embarrassing her family, whom she loves deeply and is fiercely loyal to. That being said, however, she does have a slow-burning adventurous spirit made all the more intense by her upbringing as the family jewel; every once in a while, her temper gets the best of her and she lashes out at her otherwise beloved kin.

Unbeknownst to her family, she has recently begun to express a kind of curiosity toward Cedric Caratacos. She is careful, however, to keep her interest private.

Atalanta Lyrio

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