Alyndra Wavesong

Crafty half-elf bard from the city


Alyndra Wavesong is a twenty-year-old half-elven resident of the Bronslaw Flats. Prior to adventuring, she was one of the principle fiddle-players in the Sea-Wharf Shanties, a troupe of performers centralized around the Brons-Wharf Theater. She’s an orphan, and she actually knows nothing about the identities of her real parents, not that it really affects her much. Alyndra was actually the product of a scandalous affair between an elven noblewoman and a human male in the city of Nova Dominium. The elf knew that having a half-elf child would only expose her affair with a human male., so in order to avoid public humiliation, the noblewoman sent one of her servants to abandon the child on the docks outside of the flats the night Alyndra was born. Soon after that the infant was found by the halfling, Sadie Windstring, the leader of the Sea-Wharf Shanties. Without any hesitation, Sadie lifted the child into her arms and brought her to the Wharf Theater. From then on, Sadie took on the role of Alyndra’s foster mother and adopted her into the troupe.

Alyndra has never really wanted for her biological parents. She views Sadie and the rest of the troupe as her family, however dramatic and dysfunctional they can be. Some of the troupe members taught Alyndra how to dance, but her real craft has always been fiddle-playing. She became proficient enough with the instrument that she felt comfortable traveling to the noble to play on street corners. For someone living in the flats, she lived quite comfortably working and living with the troupe while earning extra coin playing for nobles. And though she rarely ever needed it, she found a unique thrill in lifting a little extra coin from the pockets of nobles during her performances, a trick she picked up from some of the shadier frequenters of the Leaky Dinghy.

Although Alyndra has picked up quite a bit of knowledge on various topics by openly talking to strangers in bars and on the streets, she is unusual in that she is a member of the lower class who knows how to speak Aquan. Ever since she was little she held a strong affinity for the ocean and would often wander there to spend some time on her own and take a break from the high drama that comes from living with theater folk (these excursions were most likely to occur after heated disagreements with Meliss Trinetta). During her time on the shore, she met and befriended a mermaid, Nami (Namira, in full). The two became close friends, and enjoyed sharing stories comparing land life to sea life.

Recently, a large portion of the Shanties, including Sadie, took temporary leave of the Wharf Theater to travel the continent on tour. Alyndra wanted desperately to go along, but Sadie requested that she stay and help keep the theater running under the leadership of Meliss. The young bard reluctantly agreed, swallowing her immense distaste for Meliss. However, as it turned out, she could only tolerate the gnome’s poor and leadership skills and unhidden narcissism for a little over a month. After one final heated argument about management, Alyndra threw up her hands and decided she’d be better off living on her own until Sadie and the others returned. She packed up her things in the night and left the theater without a word to Meliss and headed toward the Leaky Dinghy, which was the only place she could afford at the time.

As she walked up the street towards the tavern, she was caught and surrounded by kobolds in the first of many ambushes. Fortunately, a group of three adventurers happened to be nearby and helped her defeat the ambushers. At the conclusion of the battle, she learned the names of the adventurers: Senkara, Keela and, Cedric. After a few drinks with the trio at the Dinghy the bard decided it might be fun to pal around with the adventurers and convinced them to let her stick around. And so began Alyndra’s career as an adventuring bard!

Alyndra Wavesong

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