Mists of the Past

Witches, Zombies, and "X"

The group learns the consequences of some of their actions

Sunday – Twosday, 7th – 9th of Midsummer

The party awakes and goes to work on the enclosure for Blooroath. Once they have completed their work they immediately set out to start asking about Isabel Lyst, but no one has seen or heard from her in over a week. The party decides it will try again in the afternoon the following day.

After a similar morning the next day, the group finally gives up for the time being and goes to the Crafty Damsel to talk to Marisa about Senia, the witch Sola’s sister, who works for Marisa. Marisa is saddened at the news of Sola’s death, and concerned by her involvement with the witches. She agrees to let the party speak to Senia.

The conversation with Senia goes as, perhaps, could be expected. The party gleans as much information as they can about their relationship, finding out that the sisters lived together but saw little of each other, and that Sola had been speaking to some people of the middle class. Senia, however, soon becomes suspicious of their inquiry and they are forced to reveal the truth, that Sola is dead. Senia appears heartbroken and refuses to speak with them further, though when Marisa suggests she go home for the night she insists that she will work.

The party, however, is suspicious of Senia, as some parts of her story seemed to make little sense. They keep a careful eye on her, and Keela and Senkara notice and follow her as she slips outside into the back alley. Senia begins sobbing, and at first they think she is merely trying to cope with her sister’s death, but then they realize she has noticed Keela. Keela says she was simply ensuring Senia was alright, and slips back inside. It is only after she has left that Senia stops crying, and starts to move. Senkara follows her and watches as she finds a broken monitor crystal and performs some small magic. Senkara returns and tells the rest of the party, who investigate but cannot determine the spell.
The party then goes and talks to Slade about the matter. He agrees to send someone to follow Senia.

The party then returns to the lighthouse for the night. Senkara sets up a simple trap that will make noise if anyone approaches, and the party goes to sleep.

The next day is Twosday. The party awakes and again heads out to work on the exhibit. They go to ask Irwin for some supplies, and on their way pass two rich elves near the spider pit. One elf becomes affronted when Cedric addresses him, and the party moves on their way. Keela sends Perin back to investigate, and the bird sees the woman cast a spell before she leaves, though it is not known what the spell was.

After completing their work for the day, Alyndra, Keela, and Senkara go to the Aedis to speak to Beacon Patricio, disguised as elves as they had been before. The beacon is talking to a green-haired elf, who from their conversation is head of the Heights Druids. He is making a complaint about the stolen Brunsfelnia Renimatus. After they are done speaking and the druid leaves, the three approach the beacon. They tell him about the witch attack at the lighthouse, and he agrees to pass the information onto his brother, though when they suggest asking him about employing adventurers from the Flats to assist, he says they must talk directly to him.

As they leave, they come across the druid, and can’t resist the urge to stop and talk to him about the theft, secretly to coax their egos a little. Their pride turns to horror however, as the elf reveals the terrible life cycle of the plant – if left to its own devices, it will attract humanoid prey with its pollen, kill them and turn them into plant zombies, using their animated corpses as vehicles to spread its seeds and causing the process to repeat!

Meanwhile, Cedric has gone to the Harp and Thistle bar. He talks to McClean Drachmaa, a human and member of House Drachmaa, the most economically powerful house of the Heights nobility. Over the course of their discussion, Cedric discovers that House Lyrio, House Drachmaa’s primary rival house, will be opening a casket of very rare and expensive margarine wine the following night at their own tavern, the High Life The High Life. McClean offers to pay Cedric four small aquamarine gemstones to slip antiplague into the wine; this actually make the wine very beneficial and healthy, but will also make it taste like “concentrated whale piss”, to quote McClean. Cedric agrees to do so.

The party reunites and Alyndra, Senkara and Keela quickly fill Cedric in on the potential zombie problem. They run to the druid park in the Flats, and approach with caution. They meet a woman outside and urge her to leave, when suddenly their fears are confirmed and zombies attack. They manage to protect the woman, who flees in terror, and begin fighting the zombies. After calling guards to protect the entrance, they begin working their way into the park, fighting more zombies and searching for the main plant. They find some of the plant’s offspring, already growing and tempting their own victims, but manage to resist their mind-controlling powers and destroy them.

Finally the party reaches the original plant. To their dismay, they also find Douglas Cleanleaf, now a zombie, on the verge of rooting and becoming a new plant. They manage to destroy him, but just as they do they hear a shriek from the side and look to see his wife Vetna, shouting in rage that they’ve killed her husband. Upon trying to explain that he was already dead, the party realizes that these were most definitely the insane let-the-plants-use-our-bodies-as-they-will, we-are-proud-to-give-our-lives-to-the-plants type of druids. (Brilliant.)

They start advancing towards Vetna, but she casts entangle, greatly slowing their progress. They struggle forward, and finally Cedric and Senkara get close enough to do battle. They are about to kill her when she turns into an eagle, heading for escape. In a last ditch attempt, Senkara leaps into the air and manages to drive her dagger through the bird, pinning it to the ground and watching as it turns back into a very dead Vetna.

Their battle not yet over, the party returns their attention to the Brunsfelnia. They fight and defeat it, although in the process Keela is ensnared by the plant’s pollen and almost killed. They kill the plant just in time, however, and return to the lighthouse to rest.

The next morning, they wake to find a note pinned to their door from “X”. Intrigued, they follow the note’s instructions and meet an old man at the Leaky Dingy. They sit down and order drinks, but upon their first sip they start to feel drowsy, and black out. When they awaken, they are in a warehouse, unarmed, facing a lone elf, who proceeds to reveal that he represents the Thieves’ Guild, and that the Guild has been following their progress and would like to offer them a chance at membership. He pulls out files that the Guild has stolen from the City Watch, revealing that they know everything about the four adventurers (except, luckily, the true source of Keela’s magic), and give them an assignment to transport an insane amount of gold to Senkara’s hometown and deliver it to an elf there. Should they attempt to take the gold for themselves, it is strongly implied that things will end badly for them. The party agrees and they are allowed to leave unharmed.



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