Mists of the Past

Wine tasting, an unexpected reunion, a gnome auction, and some creepy-ass crows

The party earns more favor with House Drachmaa before setting out for Praestan

Mendsday – Friday, 10th – 12th Midsummer

After securing Blooroath in his new home, the party sets forth to “poison” the margarine wine set to be served in the High Life the same evening. The women of the group disguise themselves as elven sisters and are successful in duping the maitre d into believing that they needed Cedric around as their personal cook due to their very severe allergies to certain spices. Their luck doesn’t extend much beyond that point, as afterwards they are thwarted repeatedly in their attempts to slip the anti-plague in the wine. Just before getting caught, Senkara swiftly fakes an allergic reaction, which distracts the crowd long enough for Cedric to slip the draught into the wine. The group inconspicuously slips back into the party to mingle with other guests.

Among these guests is none other than Myra Antigone. The elf drunkenly complains about a number of things, mainly the misogynistic society with which she has to contend. She also whines to the group about an old has-been sailor named Polonius who lives near the library and refuses to budge from his home, halting the expansion she wants to make to her building. Intrigued upon hearing about anyone who makes life difficult for Antigone, the party agrees to pay the old man a visit the following day.

Their conversation is cut short by the ceremonious passing out of wine. The group opts to stay and suffer the consequences of their handiwork as to not appear conspicuous when the tavern realizes the wine has been tampered with. The crowd goes into a disgusted uproar upon tasting the wine. Suspicious from when he saw the heroes tampering the wine, the maitre d yells accusations that they were the perpetrators. Just when it seems that the heroes’ protests fall on deaf ears, an extremely attractive and blonde elf noblewoman rushes to their defense by pointing out that the group was just as disgusted and shocked when drinking the wine as anyone else was. The maitre d is furious and still suspicious, but since he cannot procure any evidence incriminating the disguised heroes, he storms away. The noblewoman exchanges a glance with Cedric before disappearing into the crowd as well.

Gleeful to have gotten away with their prank, the party briskly walks to pay McClean a visit. She is immensely satisfied at the humiliation suffered by her opposing house and pays the group a respectable sum. After a successful night, they return back to the lighthouse and take turns on watch-duty for the rest of the night. They see dark shadows surrounding the building throughout the night, but the shadows disappear by morning.

Foursday arrives and the group sets out to talk to Polonius. They are stopped on the way, however, by one of the apprentices of McClean’s brother, Niall “Swordarm,” one of the Height’s respected blacksmiths. He asks the heroes to accompany him to the forge to speak with his master. They agree to stop by. Upon their arrival, Swordarm asks the party for a favor. He mentions that there is going to be an auction the following day for rare gnome weapons and requests that the party represents him, as he is unable to attend the auction himself. Swordarm gives them a hefty sack of gold needed to make bids at the auction. Eager to make more friends among the members of House Drachmaa, the heroes agree to represent him the following day.

They leave the forge and make it to their original destination. They approach the shabby home of the “once-myr” and knock on the door several times. When the curmudgeonly elf emerges he is insistent that he does not want to talk. However, the group persists on asking the old elf about his past. They ask if he still has a ship, as they would love to have passage-by-sea to find the West Wind for Imhistis. He mentions that he still does have a ship, but he can do nothing with it but let it sit at the docks because of the damage it has suffered. During the conversation, Polonius casually mentions that his myrname is Theodoard, leading the party to discover that he is in fact Senkara’s grandfather. Polonius is reluctant to believe this fact until Senkara mentions that she is soon to be traveling to their hometown and hopes to find trace of her father. Polonius laments that he has not seen his son in a very long time, and tells Senkara that he will accept her as his granddaughter if she can find her father and bring back word of him. After this unexpected reunion, the heroes return home to prepare for the next day’s auction.

Friday dawns, and the party arrives to the gnome auction. Keela and Alyndra pool their knowledge of gnome culture to find the most valuable items including an axe, a hook, a long-sword, and crossbow with a squid motif. Together, the party is able to acquire the first three items through outbidding, heckling, and in Keela’s case, claiming to be part of the family that made the item in question. However, just as the crossbow is being auctioned, a hooded half-elf and a gnome burst onto the stage and snatch up the weapon in front of everyone. Both figures had a band of runes tattooed across their forehead, a symbol Alyndra took to recognize as a symbol of a group called “ the Crowns.” The heroes attempt to tail the thieves but the duo is too swift and is quickly lost in the crowd. Still pleased to have bought three of the four valuable items, the group returns to the forge to impart them to Swordarm. At first the blacksmith is annoyed because sword they bought is actually a cursed weapon, but he is pleased when he sees the other weapons now in his possession. As a reward he gives each member of the party a cold iron weapon.

Finally, the day arrives for the group to go on their day-long journey to Praestan. They leave the lighthouse guarded by Drevitt, who agrees to watch after it as a favor to Marisa. Minds easy that the lighthouse is safe from the witches, the group sets out on horseback through the forested roads leading to Praestan. The trees are oddly covered with an unusually massive murder of crows. Curious and uneasy about this unusual behavior, Keela attempts to talk to one of the birds, asking it why it’s there. The crow screeches “Dead! Dead!” and flies away. Collectively, the group has a feeling that the witches have been attacking civilians living on the outskirts of the city which has now attracted the crows. They hurry through the area, eager to be out of the woods.

When they arrive to Praestan, they are met with guards who demand to know what their business in the city is. The group announces that they are there to deliver a secret message to Abnego. After this, the guards essentially frisk the group to ensure that they are elves. Thanks to the disguises made by Senkara and Alyndra, they are able to enter the city passing as the appropriate race.

Before delivering the package, Senkara requests that they visit her childhood home. The rest of the party agrees, and they visit what is left of the abandoned house. As Senkara traces her fingers along the walls of her first home, she finds a secret compartment containing gold and a locket containing a picture of her family. With this emotional scene, the party solidifies their resolve to find Senkara’s father. They set out into the streets of Praestan to find out what information they can gather about his whereabouts.



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