Mists of the Past

Slaying Spiders and Gearing Up for the Games

The Infidels do some Bestiary commission work before entering in the Bronslaw Olypmics

Mendsday & Foursday, 17th & 18th of Midsummer

As devastating as the (semi) unintentional murder of Senkara’s sister is, the party wastes no time in preparing a new course of action. Hopeful that they may have access to a diamond via the Bronslaw Olympics, their first plan is to secure Alserynth’s body. Senkara makes the trip implores Gervais to put off burying her sister as long as possible. The grave keeper gives Senkara a window of nine days before he buries her. With a heavy heart, Senkara exits the graveyard after leaving her family’s locket with her sister’s body.

In the meantime, the other three hit the town on various errands. Keela is able to solve the ring puzzle given to them by the Thieves’ Guild with remarkable speed, so she visits Thevane Crispwillow to enlist her expertise in appraising magical items. The gnome excitedly reports that the puzzle is a ring of second chances, an extremely rare item that can benefit its user in several different ways, including thwarting death itself. After binding the ring to herself, Keela visits Ingeni and his wife Yvette for breakfast. She engages the professor in a discussion about the morality of the witches by pointing out that they have aligned themselves with hags, which are wholly evil creatures. To counter this point, Ingeni cites an incidence of an ogre in the North being converted by a dwarf of the True Light during the times of the giant plague. While he does not outright say it, it is evident that he believes that the same may be possible of the hags. Keela leaves their estate after breakfast still largely unconvinced that the witches operate under a noble cause.

At the same time, Cedric and Alyndra pay a visit to Myr Capo, head of House Drachmaa, to gather information regarding the upcoming games. They find out that the competition is set up in four parts, including archery tag, the Maze of the Blood, the Aisle of Liches, and the final battle between the two remaining teams. They are also told that items they find in the first three events will determine what items they get to use in the final battle. When the battle is finished, there is a ceremonious drinking of Seasong Mead before the champions are named and rewarded with a Wreath of Olympia, which contains a diamond at its center. The Cedric and Alyndra are flooded with hope that they may have access to the material needed to revive Senkara’s sister. They meet afterward at the Bestiary to share the good news. There is little time to celebrate, however, as Irwin quickly sends the adventurers on a hunt for seven young spiders that escaped from the premises. Armed with antitoxins, they return to the sewers in search of venomous spider hatchlings.

On their way, they hear mutterings of a language they do not understand coming from around the corner where Blooroath once lived. Alyndra casts comprehend languages and figures out that it is a group of skum searching for something in the piles of garbage. The casters set up an ambush by using mage hand to carry their sunrod across the bridge while producing ghost sounds. Thinking the spectacle is a sign from “the Father”, the skum fall into their trap and are attacked by the party. One is unfortunately able to escape, so the group presses on in their search for the spiders. After a few battles, and a couple trips around the sewers, they successfully exterminate the spider spawn and are paid for their efforts by Irwin.

The day is still young at this point, so the Lighthouse Infidels take advantage of their time by splitting up to track down more information. Keela and Senkara search for the home of Canabant, the politician who put in the request to silence Alserynth, but they are unsuccessful. Alyndra checks in on Marisa who reports that Senia has still been acting strangely, but not much else can be determined. Cedric and Keela return to the graveyard again and change the location of the would-be-mohrg’s body in the official records in the event that witches attempt to reanimate him. The group reconvenes and visit Ingeni once more to ask about what “croning” is and what it has to do with witches. The professor claims he does not have that information, but the group discerns that he knows something that he’s not letting on. Still, he urges the party to ask Antigone, which the party never does mostly because Antigone sucks and no one likes her.

The day comes to an end and the team returns to the lighthouse to rest up before the games. In the morning, Slade sends for Keela and Alyndra and asks them to assist Gamma Psi Beta, a fraternity from the Collegium Magicum, in running the events and maintaining general order. It’s worth noting that the frat has swelled in numbers in the wake of recent events, and many of the students have taken Ingeni’s civil liberties class. The casters’ first order of business is to oversee the making of the final ceremony’s mead, which is brewed by Grayson. The girls are hyperaware that there’s Night Terror floating around the city and try exceedingly hard to be vigilant about knowing what goes into the mead. It isn’t until one of the frat boys, Tillius, drinks the mead in front of them that they both take tiny sips of the sample. No one present can detect any poison, and the mead tastes, by all accounts, delicious. Grayson drinks it heartily. The casters are still suspicious of the frat boys, but feel they have no way to back up their suspicions productively.

The games begin. Senkara and Cedric are wildly successful in the first round by using their stealth and archery skills to their full advantage. They pass as one of the eight teams that are permitted to move on to the next days’ events for round two of the Bronslaw Olympics.



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